Who is Aaron Garcia? Wiki, Biography, Age, Suspect, Shocking Video Shows Army Vet, Manhattan ATM with Hatchet

Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia

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Aaron Garcia was brought in for a psychiatric evaluation after being arrested in Chelsea, where he smashed the windows of parked cars and businesses. A 51-year-old man inside a Manhattan bank ATM being attacked with a machete without provocation made national headlines on August 15.

Garcia, Solórzano’s alleged attacker, is a military veteran. Along with this incident, he is also suspected of attacking two other strangers earlier this month, according to authorities. Yonkers cops have an active arrest warrant against him and were seeking to detain him for an unspecified act on Feb. 15 and on four arrest warrants for failing to appear in court, according to sources.

A law enforcement source also said Garcia was the target of five previous calls from people with emotional disturbances dating back to July 2020. The Yonkers resident has been arrested eight times in the past for stalking, harassment, and violation of a protection order. After being arrested on the night of August 17, García was transferred to Bellevue Hospital, the same place where his victim Solórzano recovers, for a psychiatric evaluation.


Aaron Garcia is 37-years-old.

Shocking Video Shows Army Vet Slash Man Manhattan ATM with Hatchet

The brave victim Miguel Solórzano defended himself with everything he had and fortunately survived the fierce attack that left him blood-splattered by the crime scene. The manhunt for the attacker, Aaron Garcia, came to an end on August 17 after the suspect was arrested in Chelsea, where he smashed the windows of parked cars and businesses around 10 p.m.

The attack took place amid the rising crime rate in New York and there is an increase in robberies taking place in broad daylight. Earlier this month, Jayquan Lewis, who appeared on “Law & Order,” died after being shot seven times at a Bronx deli. A Brooklyn man was brutally beaten and his head stomped on July 24 by the attacker, video of the incident went viral. On July 25, a man dragged an 11-year-old girl into an alley in Queens threatening her with sexual assault before fleeing with her belongings.

Suspect Charged & Arrested

Aaron Garcia is arrested and charged with a brutal ax attack on a man on a bank in lower Manhattan. Garcia, of Yonkers, was charged with attempted murder and assault for assault on Sunday night that left Queens resident Miguel Solorzana, 50, bleeding and hospitalized with cuts to his face and leg. The horrific attack on a Chase Bank on Broadway in Manhattan’s financial district was caught on a security camera.

Garcia was a suspect in another unsuspected assault in Lower Manhattan earlier this month. He had allegedly kicked another person without warning on South Street on Aug. 3 at 6:20 p.m., according to sources. That same day, he allegedly brandished a knife and pointed it at a passerby who yelled at him to stop urinating in public on Pine Street. Shocking footage from the Chase Bank ATM showed Garcia attacking Solarzano on August 15. The victim had no idea that she was going to be attacked and Garcia had sneaked upon him.

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Garcia repeatedly attacked Solórzano with the ax, hitting his legs and then swinging the weapon over his head. He then allegedly went up to all the ATM kiosks and smashed their screens, dropped the gun, and fled the scene, according to police.