Who Is Alexis Griswold(Instagram Model)? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Sells Steamy Lingerie Pics On OnlyFans

Alexis Griswold Biography, Wiki

Alexis Griswold is an Instagram and TikTok influencer, Alexis says her family is supportive of her OnlyFans career. “I do help my parents out and send them money. I’m really thankful for that. My family, luckily, is really supportive,” she told LADBible. The brunette beauty, who lives in Los Angeles, said that even after OnlyFans takes its cut, she is left with plenty to help her folks out with their rent.

While some use the platform to post pornographic content, the model uses her page to share Q&A videos and ‘more personal stuff’ than on her other social media channels. Her profile reads: “Subscribe to see exclusive photos, videos, behind the scenes, get to know me, and more!”


Alexis Griswold’s age is unknown.

Sells Steamy Lingerie Pics On OnlyFans

The brunette beauty, who lives in Los Angeles, said that even after OnlyFans takes its cut, she is left with plenty to help her folks out with their rent.

Alexis Griswold, an Instagram and TikTok influencer, said she’s using the money she makes from followers on OnlyFans to help pay for her parents’ rent. The model reportedly joined OnlyFans in December due to the pandemic, making sponsorship deals more difficult. Griswold, who has 473,000 followers on TikTok and 207,000 followers on Instagram, is using some of the money she makes on the platform for her parents. Now she has over 600 subscribers on OnlyFans, from whom she earns about $17 a month.

Started As a Sexual Thing

“It kind of started off as more of a sexual thing, rather than a fan base platform like it was supposed to be; it kind of got turned into something else,” she said in a Daily Star report. The model’s comments reflect that a number of models, such as former police officer Charlotte Rose, have reaped financial benefits from videos and photos that are not outright explicit. “I’ll roleplay and talk to the camera as if it’s a guy and cover some fantasies, but it’s mostly me talking to them,” she says of her work on the platform,” said Griswold to KNewz.

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There have been some negative comments, however, but the model believes the site is being transformed by influencers like herself. “Some friends have made comments on it, but I try to just like not let that get to me and explain to them the bigger picture about it,” she said, adding that OnlyFans does have a bad reputation, but she feels like “it’s almost changing with how everyone is starting to use it for different things, other than what it was perceived to be as.”

Influencing is a Lot of Work

Griswold feels like people also have a false impression of influencing. She claims it isn’t easy and is “a lot more work than what people think it is”.

“And it’s not like a nine to five job where you get up and someone tells you, ‘You have to be here at this time. You have to put in the work yourself, and it’s all on you,” she said, adding that anyone could do influence if they have the right mindset. The bombshell added that one can’t become an influencer “overnight” just from posting one snap and needs to put in the work and effort to become a success.


Her Instagram profile shows her chilling on Cannon Beach, Oregon, with her dogs. She seems to enjoy the rain, the snow, sunset drives, traveling, and sailing with friends. Griswold is also a vegan. She shares cooking clips and pictures of food, including vegan stir-fries, plant-based Mexican cuisine from Gracias Madre, vegan ice-cream from Cocobella, and oat-based frozen desserts. She also shares recipes for vegan smoothies and immunity shots. She says she has ‘the worst sweet tooth.


She also shares her morning routines, outfits, and inspirational messages in her Instagram stories.