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Amelia Brace is a Channel Seven journalist who collectively with her cameraman, Tim Myers was picked up in a run as police forcibly cleared an anti-racism protest in Washington D.C. Shocking video broadcast live on Sunrise shows a police officer in protest equipment bashing Myers with a shield before punching the camera.

She spent three and a half years spent at the Federal Press Gallery in Canberra, a professional goal she obtained before she was 30, which had the greatest influence on her. “That was the job of my dreams,” she tells My Weekly Show on a recent visit home. “It was amazing. When I got there, it was like a child in a candy store. The offer to work in Los Angeles came out of nowhere and, although he was hesitant to leave Canberra, he realized that it was an offer that he could not refuse and made the change in April 2017.

“My goal was always Canberra and I got there,” she says. “It’s eerie now because I’ve done it and passed it. I don’t know where I’ll move after LA, but I’m happy to stay there for a few years.
Besides sinking her teeth into the uncooked stories, being based in LA also wants her to cover awards situations, which this year has been characterized by a significant difference.

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Amelia’s age is unknown.

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Brace finished from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a journalism degree in 2008 and now resides in Los Angeles, operating as a US reporter for Channel Seven.

Amelia Brace Boyfriend

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Amelia is in a relationship with an Australian cameraman, Adam Bovino, whom he appeared in Los Angeles. She says that when he gets dinner plans, expect him to drop at the last minute if work calls. The two got engaged on April 28, 2019, according to a post on Brace’s Instagram page.

Attack Vidio

Channel Seven has labeled an occurrence including a reporter and her cameraman being beaten down by police in Washington DC as “reckless thuggery”. Seven’s director of news and public affairs, Craig McPherson, also approved Prime Minister Scott Morrison has contacted the Australian embassy in the US capital requiring an investigation.
Sunrise reporter Amelia Brace was presenting an update from the White House on the escalating chaos with her freelance cameraman, Timothy Myers ACS, first of Donald Trump’s speech this morning when heavily-armed police began aggressively promoting the crowd back.

Brace and Myers decided to take cover after a wall between the stampede as they continued the trial but were spotted by heavily-armed officers, who quickly shoved them both back and punched the cameraman. “The attack on our reporter and cameraman in Washington today is nothing short of wanton thuggery,” Mr. McPherson said in a statement issued from Seven on Tuesday afternoon.

“They weren’t in anyone’s way just simply doing their job. “To be belted with an ironclad defense and then our writer cop a truncheon in the back is abhorrent. “The Prime Minister has told us he’s been in pressure with our embassy in Washington to have the matter urgently investigated. We are making our charges through the appropriate channels.”