Ami Dolenz Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Ami Dolenz Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Life Facts

Ami Dolenz Wiki-Biography

Ami is an American actress known for her characters in films like Can’t Buy Me Love, Miracle Beach, and TV program, General Hospital. Aside from these famous works, Dolenz has more debuted in TV programs like Growing Pains as Linda, Silver Spoons as Ilene. Ferris Bueller, and films like Faith as Cheryl, Rescue Me as Ginny Barrett, and Witchboard 2 as Paige.

Ami Dolenz Age

Dolenz was born as Ami Bluebell Dolenz on eight January 1969 in Burbank, California, USA.

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Family and Siblings

Ami is the single daughter of her dad, Micky Dolenz, and Samantha Juste. However, Dolenz has 3 half-sisters; Charlotte, Emily, and Georgia. As a child, Ami lived with her family members in their mountain lodge home in Laurel Canyon till 1975. At that time, Dolenz’s parents became divorced, and Ami started living with her grandparents and mom.

Dolenz’s dad, Micky Dolenz, born on 8th March 1945 in Los Angeles, California, is an American actor and musician famously known as the singer and drummer of the 1960s pop/rock band the Monkees. As an actor, he has worked in films like The Night of the Strangler (1972), Halloween, and TV programs like The Tick and The Secret Files of the SpyDogs.

So, Her mom, Samantha Juste, born on 31st May 1944 in Manchester, England, UK, more an actress recognized for TV programs like Chan Canasta and Top of the Pops. She passed away on fifth February 2014 in Los Angeles due to a cuff.

Other than her parents, Ami’s grandfather, George Dolenz, and grandma Janelle Johnson were also an actor. George’s famous acting credits The Sad Sack, Timbuktu, and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1963), whereas Janelle’s film credits added Since You Went Away and The Brute Man.

Ami Dolenz Married to Husband

Dolenz wedded to Jerry Trimble. The twosome joined the bond on ten August 2002. Jerry is an actor, motivational speaker, and retired World Kickboxing Champion. Jerry was born as Jerry Foster Trimble Jr. on 12th May 1961 in Newport, Kentucky, USA.

Encouraged by Bruce Lee, he started reading Taekwondo. On 18th, Trimble began kickboxing and got the Kentucky State Championship. Competing below the name Golden Boy, Jerry grew the PKA and PKC Kickboxing Champion of the World on 26th April 1986.

After leaving kickboxing in April 1990, Jerry went to Hollywood, California wherever he sought a profession in the entertainment industry. Continuously 2020, Trimble has developed in many hit films like The Master, Invincible, Live by the Fist, Charlie’s Angels, and Rabbit.