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Anastasia Soare Wiki-Biography

Anastasia is a Romanian-American entrepreneur. Who took the spotlight as the CEO and author of one of the fastest-growing firms in the world, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Soare is well-known for launching the front shaping method in the American salons. In her years of career, Anastasia has struggled with some of the famous celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian.

Furthermore, Anastasia’s success story has highlighted by various papers, which cover The Guardian, People, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair. Other than entrepreneurship, Soare has additionally performed in several TV shows. Such as The Doctor Oz Show, America’s Next Top Model, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Anastasia Soare Age

Greeting from the areas of Romania, Anastasia was born on 28th December 1956. Soare birth symbol is Capricorn.

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Anastasia Soare Family

Anastasia is the daughter of dad, Dumitru Balamaci, and mom, Victoria Babu—both were the owner of a tailor shop. Sorrowfully, Soare lost her dad while Anastasia was only 12th years old.


For her study, Anastasia studied art and architecture at Rumania’s College of Construction and Architecture. Following that, Soare registered at a beauty school and got regarding beauty hints and also for about 3 years.
Next, in 1989, Anastasia went to Los Angeles and started operating at a beauty salon.

Married Life

Anastasia was married to a ship’s officer, Victor Soare. Both 1st met with common friends while both lived in Romania. Then, they soon developed a relationship. Eventually, in 1978, Soare and Victor gave the marriage vows.
Sadly, Anastasia and Victor’s love wasn’t meant to last permanently since both divorced in 1994.


Soare and Victor embraced a girl called Claudia in 1987.

Anastasia’s daughter, Claudia, works by the complete name of Norvina Claudia—called after her dead grandfather. Claudia was born in Romania but used most of her time in the United States. Just like her mom, Claudia is more interested in the field of beauty. She is the leader of her mother’s business, Anastasia Beverly Hills. As a president, Claudia watches over the company’s stock rise, day-to-day services, and manages the marketing for the brand’s best-selling influence faces line.

In her years with Anastasia Beverly Hills, Claudia has given some important management skills and has taken important decisions over. Claudia explains her performance in Anastasia Beverly Hills as a responsibility that follows her mother’s vision with the powerful voice of the clients.

Net Worth

Anastasia holds led to building a net worth of $1 billion. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Romanian American businessperson plus television star.




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