Who Is Ann Bowden? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Bobby Bowden Wife, Husband Death

Ann Bowden

Ann Bowden Biography – Wiki

Ann Bowden is the wife of American football coach Bobby Bowden. Her husband Bobby is a former soccer coach who is recognized as one of the best coaches in American football. Going back to Ann, she is also an actress who has worked in films such as Doubles (1978) and Before and After.


Ann Bowden is 90-years-old.

Married & Children

Bobby and Ann Estock were married on April 1, 1949. She was his childhood sweetheart. Bowden was 19 and Anna 16 when they married in the Justice of the Peace’s home in Rising Fawn, Georgia. The couple celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in April. In 2020, on his 71st anniversary, the coach said, “And being with Ann for 70 years is not bad.”

In a 1996 interview, Ann, nicknamed the First Lady of Soccer, said: “He and I have been together almost every day of our lives since we were fifteen … We started going together when we were kids, and he’s still a big kid. “, go with his friends to play … I joke with my friends now that I have never had an adult relationship.

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“There was no divorce in any of our families,” Ann recalled in the interview. “No matter how difficult things got, no matter if I locked him out of the house for a couple of nights because he was spending more time with his friends talking about football than paying attention to me and the kids, we never thought about divorce.”

She is survived by Ann, her children Terry, Tommy, Jeff, and Steve; and daughters Robyn Hines and Ginger Madden. Tommy, Terry, and Jeff each trained at the college level. Tommy was previously the head coach of Tulane and Clemson. Terry was the head coach at Salem, Samford, Auburn, North Alabama, Akron. Last December he was hired by Louisiana-Monroe. Jeff was an assistant at FSU with his father for 13 seasons. Steve Bowden has spent most of his career in academia. Ginger is the state attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. Robyn was a school teacher for many years, but she dropped out early to help her parents.

Husband (Bobby Bowden) Death

Bobby Bowden, the Hall of Fame coach who won 377 games and made Florida State one of the best teams in college football, has died at the age of 91. His son Terry said his father died surrounded by relatives at his Killearn Estates home early Sunday morning. , August 8. “It was really peaceful,” Terry said.

Bowden announced on July 21 that he had a terminal illness: pancreatic cancer. Bowden had been treated for prostate cancer more than a decade ago. “I’ve always tried to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, on and off the field, and I’m prepared for what’s to come,” Bowden said at the time. “My wife, Ann, and our family have been life’s greatest blessing. I am at peace. ”

“We’ve been preparing for this,” Terry said last month in New Orleans. “We think we have more good days ahead of us, and we will enjoy them together.” Bowden said in early July: “I feel good, but I can’t do much.”

Bowden was hospitalized in October 2020 after testing positive for Covid-19. The test was reportedly conducted a few days after he returned to his home in Tallahassee, Florida, after a long hospital stay for a leg infection. Bowden remained in the public eye after his retirement, writing a book, giving speeches, and publicizing his prostate cancer treatment in 2007.

Net Worth

Ann Bowden’s estimated net worth is $ 14 million.


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