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Anna Reed
Anna Reed

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Anna Reed, a former goalkeeper from Germany allegedly killed his 22-year-old British heiress girlfriend for money because he was in debt, despite her claims that she died in an “erotic game gone wrong,” according to a report.

Marc Schätzle, 32, is on trial in Switzerland for the death of Anna Reed, heir to a multi-million dollar fortune as a racehorse.

The couple met in Thailand while she was on a trip around the world.


Anna Reed has died at the age of 28-years-old.

Found Dead

The couple met in Thailand while she was on a trip around the world.

In April 2019, the couple settled in the Hotel la Palma au Lac in Locarno, Switzerland, where Reed was found dead in the bathroom. An autopsy revealed that he died from strangulation and also suffered minor cuts and bruises.

A Lugano court was told that Schätzle, a father of two who used the name Marc Dirtywhite, had owed more than $ 54,000 for alcohol, drugs, and designer rags, The Sun reported.

“She liked sex clubs like Kit Kat in Berlin and drinking, she was British,” he told the court, according to the outlet.

Asked about the alleged sex game, he said: “I put a towel around her neck and started kissing her. But she wanted more, so I put my hand on the towel and pushed. ”

Schätzle, who has the word “warrior” stamped across his forehead, allegedly knew that Reed had “more than £ 25,000 (approximately $ 34,000) in his account,” according to the outlet.

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The night of his death, the couple had shared a $ 140 bottle of champagne over dinner before heading back to the hotel’s penthouse.

Guests reported hearing a loud argument in the room before Schätzle appeared in the lobby to say that he was unwell.

“I heard broken glass and furniture being pushed loudly across the room,” a guest reportedly said. “There was crying. A voice said, ‘You’re killing me’ or ‘You’re kidding me. I wanted to go and say something, but I thought it was too dangerous. ”

The court heard that Reed had received the money as a 21st birthday gift from his father, Clive, who owns a ranch worth more than $ 16 million.

The heiress had spent about $ 4,000 a month, but her spending “increased considerably” after meeting Schätzle, The Sun reported.

Five months after her death, investigators found Reed’s credit card hidden in an elevator panel at the hotel and suspect that Schätzle stole it from her before or after her death and hid it.

He later claimed that she had hidden it there as a joke.

Schätzle, who has denied knowingly killing Reed, is charged with willful murder, robbery, fraud, and drug-related crimes.

His name on his social media, Marc Dirtywhite, refers to a street term for “raw cocaine.”