Who is Bing Liu? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, COVID Researcher, Death

Who is Bing Liu? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, COVID Researcher, Death

Bing Liu Wiki – Biography

Bing Liu was a University of Pittsburgh teacher and medical researcher, who was killed and shot in an obvious murder-suicide. He was going on a cellular knowledge of the virus. He is a Chinese-American teacher of computer science who focuses on data opening, device learning, and normal language processing. In 2002, Bing became a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bing Liu Age

Liu has expired at the age of 37th.

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Bing Liu Wife, Children

Liu is sustained by his spouse, who was not at house throughout the shot. Both of his origins existed in China, according to his department administrator.

COVID Researcher

Bing had been studying the cellular devices of the new coronavirus. The University of Pittsburgh announced Bing, an investigation associate professor at its computational and methods biology department, had been “on the edge of getting very important decisions” into the virus before his death from various gunshot injuries.

The university told Liu had been a member of a team representing different biological methods to get the cellular mechanisms of the new coronavirus, as well as the cellular source of strength difficulties encountered in Covid-19 cases. “Bing was patient, knowledgeable, and greatly developed. We will miss him very much,” it stated.

“Dr. Bing Liu was an excellent researcher, who has won the respect and admiration of numerous co-workers in the department, and created individual gifts to science,” it stated. “We will attempt to finish what he began to pay tribute to his clear distinction. His loss will be held during the whole experimental society.”

Academic research

Liu produced a scientific basis that can expose false advertisement. Additionally, Bing explains the subject “Data Mining” through the Fall and Spring terms at UIC. The course regularly includes a design and many tests/exams as grading standards.

Bing famously recognized for his research on emotion analysis (also named opinion mining), false/ambiguous sentiment exposure, and using association rules for prediction. He also made important additions to hearing from actual and unlabeled samples (or PU learning), Web data removal, and interestingness in data tapping.

Two of his research articles issued in KDD-1998 and KDD-2004 accepted KDD Test-of-Time awards in 2014 and 2015. In 2013, Bing named president of SIGKDD, ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Death and Cause

Bing Liu pronounced lifeless Saturday inside a house in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County medical researcher told.

Researchers believe an unknown another man, who discovered dead in his car, killed and shot Liu in his home ere returning to his car and using his personal life.

Police think the guys understood each other, however, suppose there is “zero evidence that there was targeting due to his (Liu) existing Chinese,” according to Detective Sgt. Brian Kohlhepp.

The university published a report saying it “profoundly depressed by the tragic death of Bing Liu, a prolific researcher and respected co-worker at Pitt. The University continues our most heartfelt condolences to Liu’s species, buddies, and co-workers throughout this hard time.”

Awards & Honors

  • During 2014, Liu elected a Fellow of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
  • In 2015, Bing named Fellow of ACM “For donations to information design and data tunneling, sentiment opening, and viewpoint analysis”.
  • In 2016, he nominated Fellow of AAAI “For important additions to data drilling and expansion of generally used view analysis, view spam exposure, and Web opening algorithms.”