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Caliber Visuals
Caliber Visuals

Caliber Visuals Biography – Wiki

Caliber Visuals is a photographer who calls for help after being brutally mugged in Seattle on July 31. The freelance photographer was in town visiting a friend when another man brutally beat him and stole his iPhone and his wallet from Caliber.

His real name is unknown. We were only able to find one Instagram and YouTube account with the same username, but no indication of his real name. He describes himself as a “freelance photographer in the music industry”, but it is unclear where he lives. Judging from his Instagram profile, it’s possibly California. Many of the photos of him are geotagged to Los Angeles, Malibu, and Palm Springs.

On YouTube, he has a handful of music videos uploaded, the last one being uploaded three months ago. We couldn’t find a Caliber-related website or Facebook account. On his GoFundMe page, he says, “I was rear-ended at a red light with someone on his phone passing 45 and wrecked my car,” on July 8. The accident caused Caliber to need “physical therapy for weeks.”


Caliber Visuals is 22-years-old.

Beaten in Seattle During Holiday

A 22-year-old photographer is calling for help after being brutally mugged in Seattle on July 31. The freelance photographer, who calls himself Caliber Visuals, was in town visiting a friend when he was brutally beaten by another man. , who stole Caliber’s iPhone and his wallet. Suffering a fractured eye socket and a brain hemorrhage, Caliber has been left with huge medical bills and is looking to raise $ 10,000.

The assault on the photographer is just a small sample of the crime wave that is skyrocketing across the United States. In early July, Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was stabbed in an alleged hate crime in Boston and thankfully survived the ordeal. Around the same time, NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested in Seattle, reportedly on a charge of robbery with domestic violence. In early March, Washington DC was shocked after Uber Eats driver Mohammed Anwar was brutally murdered in a carjacking by two teenage girls.

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There has also been a massive increase in hate crimes, incited by Donald Trump and other Republicans who continue to blame China for the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the attack on Caliber appears to be a random assault. Police have yet to make an arrest in the case, despite the entire incident being caught on a closed-circuit television camera. Days later, he is still suffering from the aftermath of the robbery, with heartbreaking headaches and spitting blood.

Caliber Visuals Statement

He says he was in Seattle visiting a friend for a “mental break” when the robbery happened. Video footage shows Caliber near the Cash America parking lot on Rainier Avenue when a man in an orange shirt approaches him. The suspect then says something to Caliber, before grabbing him by the neck and pulling him to the ground. He then kicks him in the head, before stepping on his nose. While Caliber lies unconscious, the suspect stole his iPhone 12, at least $ 900 in cash, a friend’s car keys, his wallet, and cards. Footage of the incident was posted by Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio.

“Four days later I am trying to stay positive with the facts. I am still here and I can move on in life, but I still find myself spitting blood and severe headaches,” he wrote on his fundraising page. He added, “It’s usually out of my character to ask for help like this, but being out of work and seeing medical bills pile up has become overwhelming for me.” He has set a goal of $ 10,000 and, at the time of the report, has managed to raise more than $ 8,500.


Police have yet to catch the suspect but have released a description. They say he is “a black male, 5’10,” 180 pounds, with a medium build. “If anyone has information on the suspect, they are advised to call the SPD Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535. The local publications noted that the attack was not entirely unexpected. “Mount Baker is known to have a crime problem, but the city does not have enough police officers to proactively walk, drive or bike through neighborhoods as a deterrent,” MyNorthWest reported.

The suspect repeatedly kicks and stomps on Caliber’s head repeatedly before knocking him unconscious. The suspect then goes through Caliber’s pockets, takes his money and personal belongings from him before walking away, leaving Caliber motionless on the sidewalk. Viewer discretion is advised as the video is difficult to view.

GoFundMe Page

Caliber, who is about to turn 23 next month, has started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses and stolen belongings, including his iPhone 12, $ 900 in cash, and his car keys. a friend that costs $ 700 to replace, as well as her wallet with her personal identification and debit cards, she said.

While she was recovering in the hospital, where she said she had had multiple MRI tests done, she said that she is still “spitting blood” and has “severe headaches” as a result of the attack.

He said he had visited Seattle that weekend to take a “mental break” to visit a friend after being injured in a car accident months earlier.

She said that while recovering, she is just looking forward to celebrating his upcoming birthday.

“I am turning 23 at the end of this month and I did not expect any of this to happen, I have had great support from close friends and family for which I am very grateful, but right now I just want to be anxious to enjoy my birthday.”