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Carsyn Davis Wiki – Biography

Carsyn Davis was an honor student, amateur photographer, and choir singer who died of COVID-19-related complications in Fort Myers, Florida after she attended a church function with about 100 other people.

Davis excelled in school, attending Cypress Lake High School.

“In addition to attending classes at CLHS, Carsyn also took online classes through Florida Virtual School. She was an honor student, achieving straight A’s on her last report card,” her mother wrote.

According to her mother’s statement, Davis was “incredibly patriotic, organizing Christmas card writing for ‘Ten thousand For the Troops.’”

“She bought cards and handed them out at every gathering, event, and to classrooms at school. She wrote dozens of cards herself,” the statement explains. “Carsyn was a member of the Cypress Lake varsity bowling team for 3 years, following in her brother’s footsteps. She loved the sport and was a member of the youth bowling league at Lightning Strikes.”

She was also in a choir. “She was a member of the Cypress Lake Vocal Department, following in the footsteps of her 3 older siblings. She loved being part of the choir,” her mother’s statement says. “Carsyn served as an aide to the special needs classroom. She understood very well what it was like to have special needs. She was a faithful volunteer for Special Olympics and the Be A Buddy program.”

Carsyn had other talents too. “She was an avid photographer and loved her AP Photography class at school. She loved visiting her grandparents on Sanibel and taking pictures at the beach, at sunset. Carsyn loved going to coin shows with her stepdad and was a member of the Florida United Numismatists. She had recently completed her Barber half set.”

“She was a devout Christian and follower of Jesus. She loved to volunteer. She was actively involved in Youth Church at First Assembly of God in Ft. Myers. She was involved with the Angel Tree ministry, buying and delivering gifts to underprivileged youth who had a parent serving time in prison. She also participated in the Operation Christmas Child program through Samaritan’s Purse, filling several Christmas boxes each year. Though she never wanted anything for herself, she was always making or buying gifts for others.”

Carsyn Davis Age

Carsyn Davis has died at the age of 17th years old.

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The statement concluded, “Carsyn deeply loved her family; her sisters and brother, grandparents, Mom and Stepdad. She was always concerned about everyone else’s well-being and happiness. We will truly miss her, but look forward to seeing her in Heaven.”

A GoFundMe created by a family friend has raised more than $14,000.

“On June 23rd, Carsyn Leigh Davis, youngest sister of the Davis Family and light to the people she knew, was brought home to be with God,” it reads. “While her time here ended far too soon, many can attest that she was beyond her 17 years of age. Her kindness, giving heart, and sweet laughter has been a blessing to each person she has met. Throughout her life, she has endured battles for her health with strength and grace. Her family is sound in that where she is now, she no longer has to fight and can live the heavenly life she has always deserved.”

Carsyn’s Mother issued a Statement

Carsyn’s mother issued a statement on the GoFundMe page that describes some of the girl’s pre-existing conditions.

“Our precious baby girl, Carsyn Leigh Davis, went home to be with her Lord and Savior on 6/23/2020 at 1:06 pm. We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age but are comforted that she is pain-free. Heaven gained an angel. Carsyn did not have an easy life. She fought health challenges from the age of 2, including cancer and a very rare autoimmune disorder,” it reads.

“She endured years of treatment, doctor visits, specialists, and the effects of those treatments. She lost her dad at the age of 10. Yet, she survived it all, never complaining, and never focusing on herself. Even though the ravages of COVID, fighting to breathe, she never once shed a tear, complained, or expressed fear.”

The statement continues: “Carsyn was a God warrior, mentor, advisor, advocate, helper, and friend to all who knew her. She regularly stood up for those who could not fight for themselves.”

Nurse Auditor, nThrive, formerly Adreima (acquired National Healthcare Review in 2013)
Charge auditor for multiple hospital facilities throughout the US/OPERA project, SOX, Florida Medicaid pre-approval project. Requires remote review of patient medical records and the abstracting of data, using a variety of server applications, programs, and computer systems. HIPAA compliance.

Nurse Auditor, National Healthcare Review, Inc. (Florida)

She wrote that she has a bachelor’s degree in Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator from Florida Southwestern State College, and a certificate in Perfusion Technology/Perfusionist from Loyola University Chicago, and a bachelor of science degree in registered nursing from the University of Iowa.

A man who gave the mother a LinkedIn recommendation wrote, “Carole is smart, compassionate, driven, a leader, and a producer of results. She is an excellent mentor able to establish a clear vision while coaxing the best from everyone.”

Heavy has confirmed that Carole Brunton Davis has a valid registered nursing license in Florida.

Cause of Death

Carsyn Davis was an honor student, amateur photographer, and choir singer who died of COVID-19-related complications in Fort Myers, Florida, at age 17, after she attended a church function with about 100 other people.

Davis had a series of pre-existing conditions that her mother outlined in a lengthy statement posted to a GoFundMe page in her name. She died in a Florida hospital, but her death has provoked controversy because she was being treated with hydroxychloroquine and “other unproven remedies” (in the words of the Tampa Times) for nearly two weeks by her parents, a nurse and physician’s assistant. The newspaper says she died of respiratory failure, becoming one of the coronavirus’s youngest Florida victims.

The teen’s mother, Carole Brunton Davis, has been criticized for alleged anti-mask social media posts and for pushing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for her daughter. That’s the drug heavily touted by President Donald Trump as a possible COVID-19 cure. Brunton Davis is the subject of a petition calling for her to be held accountable for the girl’s death.

In April 2020, The Washington Post reported that the FDA had warned that doctors “should not use the malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients outside a hospital or a clinical trial, citing reports of ‘serious heart rhythm problems.’” In mid-June, the FDA “withdrew its emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine,” according to The Post, arguing they were likely to be ineffective against COVID-19. On July 8, state news reported that the White House has touted a study to claim the drug can help against COVID-19 but many other studies showed no effect. See the FDA’s warnings on the drug here.

Carsyn died on June 23. The cause of death is listed in the medical examiner’s report as “Complications of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Pneumonia.” You can read the report in full here.

Medical Examiner’s Report

The Medical Examiner’s report from Miami-Dade County described Davis attending a “church function with 100 other children” and says that her mother and father, who are a nurse and physician’s assistant, tried treating her at home. It describes in great detail their attempt to treat her condition at home, including hydroxychloroquine. The report says:

TERMINAL EVENT: 17-year-old female with a complex medical history including opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome (resolved at 5 years of age), hypothalamic-pituitary axis dysfunction, precocious puberty, morbid obesity who present with respiratory failure. The decedent’s mother and father are a nurse and physician’s assistant, respectively. On June 10, the decedent attended a church function with 100 other children. She did not wear a mask. Social distancing was not followed. The parents prophylactically treated her with azithromycin (6/10-6/15). On June 13, she developed a frontal headache, sinus pressure, mild cough. The family thought her symptoms were due to a sinus infection. The symptoms persisted. On June 19, the mother noted she looked ‘gray’ while sleeping. She tested the decedent’s O2 saturation and it was in the 40s. The mother borrowed the decedent’s grandfather’s home oxygen (he has COPD) and her O2 saturation rose to the 60s on 5L. The parents gave her a dose of hydroxychloroquine. The parents took her to Gulf Coast Medical Center and she was transferred to Golisano Hospital PICU. On June 19, 2020, she was found to be positive for SARS-CoV-2. Her LFTs were significantly elevated. The parents declined intubation.

In one post, Jones wrote, “Florida teen dies after mother took her to church coronavirus party, then treated her with hydroxychloroquine.”

First Assembly of God church denies the accusations.

The church’s website contains this statement: “First Assembly has resumed weekend services, following social distance guidelines, Saturdays at 6 PM and Sundays at 9 AM and 11 AM. Registration to attend is no longer required.”

The church also released a lengthy press release that says:

Over the past 24 hours, First Assembly of God of Fort Myers has been accused of hosting ‘COVID-19 parties.’ Nothing could be farther from the truth. First Assembly of God of Fort Myers is following all of the health protection and protocols recommended by the state and local government with regard to holding its church services. Let us be clear – media reports and postings accusing the church of ignoring protocols or actively engaging in behavior intended to expose our congregation to the virus are absolutely false and defamatory.

It is heartbreaking that a young lady who frequently attended Youth Church over the past few years has recently passed away. The church, and many members of Youth Church particularly, had reached out to her family and her during her illness, praying for her and sending video messages and personal encouragement while she was going through her illness and in the hospital. Out of respect for her family, and at their request, the church did not comment to the media about her illness and her passing. The church intends to continue to honor that request. Our sympathies go out to her entire family during this tragic period of their lives.