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Chad Alan Craghead

Chad Alan Craghead Biography – Wiki

Chad Alan Craghead is a Math teacher from Missouri who describes himself as a “follower of Christ” posed as a teenage boy and forced at least two underage girls to “produce pornographic images of themselves,” federal prosecutors have said in a statement. He lives in Fulton, Missouri, threatened to send the pictures to the girls’ family and friends. The teacher, who works at North Callaway School District in Missouri, was arrested by federal agents on June 16, 2021, and faces five felony charges. The underage girls are not believed to have been students at his school.

As stated on the school district’s website, Craghead has taught at both North Callaway High School and Hatton-McCredie Elementary. He does not have any previous criminal record apart from two traffic violations, according to public records. His wife teaches in the same school district.

A grand jury delivered a sealed indictment a week before Craghead’s arrest. The filing states that he allegedly targeted “Minor Victims 1 and 2” between January and April 2020, just as COVID-19 began to spread around the world. The filing is light on detail, but a government motion to deny Craghead’s bail reveals further information about his alleged crimes. In it, the prosecutors have argued that Craghead is “a danger to the community, that he is not amenable to supervision, and is a flight risk.”

“Specifically, the defendant, who was a teacher and track coach, created a false identity of a teenage boy to induce two minor females to produce pornographic images of themselves,” it states. “The defendant then used a second false identity to extort the minor females into continuing to produce pornographic images by threatening to disburse the images to their friends and family.” This “caused a great deal of emotional distress to the minor females,” the motion continues. “A search warrant to Snapchat revealed the defendant was speaking with multiple minor females and contained multiple images of self-produced child pornography.”


Chad Alan Craghead is 44-years-old.

Arrested For Tricking Underage Girls To Send Nudes

We have reported some similar cases of teachers being arrested for sex crimes in the past. Christina Sosbe, Kimberly Wellman-Rich, Eric Jackson, and Brooke Wright were arrested for allegedly having sexual relationships with their students. The teacher, Crag Alan Craghead, used a fake identity to lure two girls online and coerce them to “produce pornographic images of themselves.” After receiving the images, Craghead ordered the girls to send more photos.

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While the lawsuit identifies him as Craig Alan Craghead, the math teacher has identified himself as Chad Craghead. Craghead, a 44-year-old math teacher, and track coach, allegedly threatened the minor girls to send lewd photographs of themselves while he posed himself as a teenage boy. When they denied his follow-up demands.

He arrested by federal agents on June 16, 2021, and faces five felony charges. The underage girls are not believed to have been students at his school.

The motion for his pretrial detention states that the “Defendant committed five felonies, as an Indictment was returned on or about June 9, 2021, charging [Chad Alan Craghead] with two counts of production of child pornography,” cyberstalking, and “two counts of interstate communications with intent to extort.”

If convicted, Craghead faces a 15-30-year prison sentence and up to a $250,000 fine.