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Chris Myers
Chris Myers

Chris Myers Wiki – Biography

Chris Myers is an american sportscaster, who is also an Emmy Award-winner. He was born on March 28, 1959 as Christopher Patrick Myers. He got fame from San Francisco earthquake on 1989. Myers is from the suburbs of Florida.

Siblings & Family

Myers has 4 siblings two sisters and two brothers. He lost his father Eugene T Myers on 12 February 2011. His father was a former navy officer. He was born to a single-parent household after the death of his mother to cancer.


Myers, graduate from International University Florida. later, attended Miami Dade Community College. Myers has majored in radio and television.


Myers’ began his broadcasting career from high school. He hosted his personal show on Miami’s WKAT radio. Myers has also interview some famous sports person such as Don Shula and Muhammad Ali.

Later, he work in WWL-TV, WTVJ-TV, and WCIX-TV. He also work with ESPN network in In 1988. Myers was handed the job to host several shows like Sports-center and Baseball Tonight. He won an Emmy Award from join the Up Close program interview. He was the 1st broadcaster, who live interviews with O.J. Simpson.

After, serving the 10 years with ESPN, in 1998 he got role in Fox Sports team. Myers was hand over the job to host FOX Sports NASCAR CUP SERIES, DAYTONA 500 live Shows. He has also got the chance to cover world famous boxing champion’s in the world as the blow-by-blow announcer for FOX Sports. He was also get the chance to host FOX PBC Pay-Per-View and FOX PBC Fight Nights Shows. Now, he continues to showcase his talents for FOX Sports.

Chris Myers Wife and Children

He was married to Susan Myers. The couple have one son Alex Myers. Chris and Susan, living in Southern California with their 3 dogs. The Couple Lost their son Alex Myers On 16 February 2012 in a car accident. his son died when he was just 19-years-old. The couple owned three rescue dogs, a Jack Russell, a chihuahua, and a mixed breed—Christopher was a dog lover.

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