Christopher Canfora Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Coughing on Store

Christopher Canfora Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Coughing on Store Worker, Arrested, Charges

Christopher Canfora Wiki- Biography

Canfora is a Florida Man Arrested that was Behind Coughing on Store Worker according to police authority. He attacked deliberately coughing on a store worker. After stating he thought the social distancing actions to fight the coronavirus meant “going out of control.

Agents with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office got Canfora at his house on 7th, April 2020. He admitted to talking about the disease only refused to cough on anyone and asserted he had not threatened to cough on others.

He replied he did not expect additional somebody to know his special sense of humor. The arrests statement answers.

According to the Florida Department of Health civil records. At the time of his arrest, he was an authorized paramedic.

Christopher Canfora Age

He was born on July 25th, 1970.

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Christopher Canfora Career

According to the Florida Department of Health.

His permit expires from 1994 until 2002. He converted a licensed paramedic in 2002. His current permit expires in December 2020. Ere his capture. Canfora had no disciplinary steps in his career.


Coughing on Store Worker

The crash selected place at the Harbor Freight Tools store settled at 2401 Enterprise Road in Orange City. Florida on 7th, April 2020. According to the arrest summary, a treasurer informed the general manager. That a male buyer informed her had “touched” vigorously behind talking on the store’s social distancing measures.
Lady told that the customer, after known as Christopher. Wrote down the line pens on the ground to support the client’s stay 6 feet separate and replied, “Each of the becomes uncontrollable. ”

Volusia County MPs replied to Harbor Freight Tools about 3 hours behind the communication among Canfora and the treasurer. According to the affidavit, the cashier said members that Canfora had coughed all over the file without capping his mouth.
The statement told there were no additional clients at the front of the shop at the time of the occurrence.


Christopher confirmed that he enjoyed coughing near somebody among the coronavirus break, the treasurer said Volusia County agents. Behind saying that the social distancing measures had gone “out of control,” Canfora continued, “This is how? wherever I move I cough behind everyone with a mask on,” according to the arrest report.

The treasurer told Canfora remarked he had methods to move to a Winn-Dixie store near and cough on somebody there.


Christopher charged into the Volusia County Branch Jail outside occurrence. According to court reports, security estimated at $5,000.
Canfora released from jail about 6 hours after the arrest.
The charge Canfora faces is “increased crime with a purpose to perform a crime,” which is a third-degree transgression itself.
In Florida, a third-degree complicated attack charge provides a potential penalty of upward to 5 years after bars and a $5,000 penalty is cooked.