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Cindy Bronson
Cindy Bronson

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Cindy Bronson, in a now-viral TikTok video that has been viewed more than 1.1 million times, an American soldier by the username Lord Daddy Nugget criticizes a woman named Jodi for what she says is a potential terrorist threat. The American service member is calling a conservative TikTok user who said in a video of her that gun owners were ready to start a “bloodbath” if the military did not rise up against the government.

US soldier Lord Daddy Nugget goes by the username @nuggets_n_chicken and has reportedly been identified as Cindy Bronson on his YouTube channel. On his TikTok, she writes that she is 35 years old and identifies as a lesbian. She has over 165.7K followers on the video-sharing app.


Cindy Bronson’s age is unknown.

Soldier Mocks Conservative TikToker Wants Military Coup

In the video, which is now private, Jodi sends a message to several different branches of the US military, as well as the private rocket manufacturer SpaceX (which was presumably destined for the US Space Force). “Everyone who considers themselves a person who will defend this fucking country, where are they?” Jodi asked.

Jodi then goes on to point out that soldiers are required to take an oath to defend the country from enemies who threaten it from abroad (foreign) and from within (domestic). That’s when the soldier agrees and points to a recent incident in which a woman in Tennessee drove her vehicle through a vaccination site run by the National Guard. “We took that oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all national and foreign enemies,” the soldier responds. “You know, domestic. Like the woman who decided to drive her vehicle through a National Guard vaccination tent. ”

But Jodi is not limited to that: his comments take a step forward in talking about the millions of gun owners who are willing to start a “bloody bloodbath” if the army does not rise up against the government. “Where is your army? Because if you leave it in the hands of the American people, you must inform us because everyone is on the edge of their seat,” Jodi says in the video. “You have millions and millions of gun owners who are ready to go out there and start a complete fucking bloodbath …”

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After this, Lord Daddy Nugget reminded Jodi of the Insurrection Law, a law that allows the president to deploy troops nationwide to suppress insurrections. On top of that, the TikTok user also took the time to remind Jodi that his comments could be viewed as a terrorist threat. In the wake of the video, Jodi made her TikTok account private, likely due to the additional attention the video of him received since Bronson’s response. Several users stated that they reported the woman to the FBI.

“I left him a lead from the FBI,” commented one user. “Did she just … did I just say she’s going to go out and start ‘a bloodbath’ ???? uhhh hello FBI ??” Other users started making fun of Jodi. One user commented: “I think it’s funny that gun owners think they have a chance against a country that spends $ 700 billion a year on guns.” Another of her taunted her, “How is she going to call all the branches and forget about The Power Rangers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Green Lanterns, The Justice League !!!”