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Connie Kellie
Connie Kellie

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Connie Kellie, a prominent radio personality in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has died young, according to Mix 95.7 (WLHT), the radio station where she worked.

In a statement on the station’s website, Fish said, “Over 25 years ago, this incredible, smart and strong woman allowed me the opportunity to be a part of her radio career. Our journey will not only be with those who were touched by her immense talent, but engraved in my heart. Thank you, Connie, for this adventure. I look forward to the day we meet again.”

According to the radio station’s statement, “Connie joined our team here at Mix 95-7 in October 2012, and has been a beloved member of our community every since.”

She grew up in Waterford, Mich. and “then went on to attend Central Michigan University,” the station said.

“In her 20-plus years in radio, Connie worked in Mt. Pleasant, Lansing, Jackson, Miss., Omaha, Neb., Madison, Wisc., Milwaukee, Wisc. and then found her way back to Michigan.”

Connie Kellie Age

Connie Kellie’s age is unknown.

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Husband & Children

“Connie is survived by her husband, Dan; their lovable fur-baby, Kevin; and her long time on-air partner and dear friend, Fish. She will be missed by all of us here at Mix 95-7.”

Cause of Death

The station confirmed Kellie’s death and revealed that the cause of death was liver cancer, which she had been battling for only a short time. Kellie was on the Connie & Fish Morning Show on Mix 95.7 (WLHT).

“We’re sad to share the news that our friend and coworker, Connie Kellie, passed away on Monday, January 4, 2021 after a short battle with liver cancer,” the station wrote on its website.


A message posted to the Facebook page for Connie and Fish reads,

I remember when I met you. I remember how we clicked and became the best of friends immediately. I don’t remember everything about our hundreds of adventures over the years, but I do remember so many of them. You were the first person to give me a chance in radio. You were my first woman best friend. You are my sister, confidante, partner, teacher … you are my family. I remember how you loved people and how many lives you touched. With your generous heart and even larger laugh, you brought joy to those who needed it the most. I am saddened more of the world didn’t get to experience your greatness. For those that have, they will agree: You are the most gifted person in our industry that I have ever met. I believe that you were put on this earth to provide happiness to those that needed it, to provide strength to those that may have been lacking and to provide love to those that would accept it. You opened doors for women in radio and open minds for women and men alike that it’s ok to be. To be with or have a strong woman in your house, life or company and embrace it whole heartedly. Thank you Connie for our time. I love you and please, if you get a chance, tell my mother Hi and that I love her. If you don’t mind, use this time as the chance to fill her in on all the things I didn’t have the stones to tell her.