Who is Diane Vargo? Wiki, Biography, Age, School Principal, Gets Death Threats for Asking Student to Quarantine

Diane Vargo
Diane Vargo

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Diane Vargo is an Arizona elementary school principal, Diane Vargo, who was ambushed by Rishi Rambaran for asking her son to follow COVID-19 protocols, has spoken out after the shocking incident.


Diane Vargo’s age is unknown.

School Principal Gets Death Threats for Asking Student to Quarantine

Arizona elementary school principal Diane Vargo, who was ambushed by Rishi Rambaran for asking her son to follow COVID-19 protocols, spoke out after the shocking incident. On September 2, Rambaran and hers two friends of hers entered Vargo’s office at Mesquite Elementary School and attempted to ‘arrest’ her with military-grade zip ties. They threatened her for asking her son to quarantine him after the student had a possible exposure to COVID-19. Rambaran was later caught by Arizona police and charged with burglary.

Vargo has finally spoken out from the ordeal, revealing that she has received death threat emails since the incident. In an interview with KOLD, he read the email on camera that read: “Next time it will be a barrel pointed at your Nazi face. Following the guidance you say? The Nazis were just following orders too. I guess we’ll have to.”. see which side you choose. The Americans or the Nazis. Remember, Tucson is a small community and you have a target on your back to enforce illegal orders. ā€¯However, she has not disclosed who the sender of the email was.

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The week before, Vargo had asked Rishi Rambaran’s son, a student at Mesquite Elementary School, to quarantine him, causing him to miss a field trip. The boy was reportedly taken out of class, taken to the infirmary, and forced to put on a mask. The rule has been outlined by the Prima County Health Department to prevent the spread of COVID and is intended to be observed across the state.

However, Vargo’s request did not sit well with Rishi Rambaran, who insisted that the director was breaking the law. She claimed that her son was forced to remove the mask from a garbage can and use it after throwing it away. “I’m going to press charges against him,” she said, before entering the school as her friend broadcast live. the incident. The group then threatened to call the sheriff and press for a “citizen’s arrest” when Vargo intervened and asked them to come to her office.

“I came here to tell you that this is not going to happen. My son is not going to be sent home. They are not going to quarantine him. My son will go back to class,” he told Vargo, while his friend brandished “ties of law enforcement grade zipper. ” They eventually left the school premises after school authorities were forced to call the police.

Relating to the heartbreaking incident, Vargo later shared: “They just walked in and one of them had a phone turned off and was recording everything again, and then the other man was standing at my door with military-grade back zip ties in his hands. I asked them to leave and they didn’t. In order for our school to stay open, we have to follow the Pima County Health Department. I tried to explain that. He didn’t want to hear it. ”

During an emotional interview, she added that she felt ‘scared’ and ‘raped’ by Rambaran and his friends.