Who is Drakeo The Ruler? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Arrested in Bizarre LA incident

Drakeo the Ruler
Drakeo the Ruler

Drakeo the Ruler Biography – Wiki

Drakeo The Ruler is a social network that has started a campaign to ‘free Drakeo’ after the rapper was arrested in a strange incident on August 22.

The Los Angeles rapper was arrested by Los Angeles police for what appears to be the case of a tinted window. As seen in the video, Drakeo was in an Uber when the driver was stopped by tinted windows. Later, the police also asked him to get out of the vehicle and arrested him. “We are going to ask you one more time to come out. And if you say no, then we will do what we have to do,” a policeman is heard saying. He then added, “and then I’ll take you to jail.” To that, a surprised Drakeo replies, “What the heck is going on?”


Drakeo the Ruler is 28-years-old.

Charged & Arrested in Bizarre LA incident

Social media has started a campaign to ‘free Drakeo’ after the rapper was arrested in a bizarre incident on August 22. The 28-year-old recorded the arrest on Instagram Live and can be heard asking “what are you doing bro?” several times while handcuffing him. It is unclear why exactly the police arrested Drakeo the Ruler, but the video indicates that his car was stopped by tinted windows. The arrest has left social media furious as Drakeo can be heard saying the car was an Uber and not his.

Drakeo isn’t the only rapper arrested in recent days. On August 20, Atlanta police arrested Paper Lovee after a dramatic manhunt ended in a car accident in the city. In June, Orlando-based rapper 9lokknine was arrested on RICO and racketeering charges. Then in July, Sheff G, a Brooklyn native, was arrested for gun possession in New York City. These are just a few of the many arrests that rocked the music scene in recent months, sparking concern among fans.

However, unlike those cases, it appears that Drakeo was arrested through no fault of his own. We don’t have much to go on except his Instagram Live, but the two-minute video provides considerable detail about the incident. Here’s everything we know about Drakeo’s arrest.



It’s unclear what the cop says next, but Drakeo then asks, “So what did I do to get you all to stop me? You guys pulled my Uber driver brother. What’s going on?” The cop then says “just get out of the car and we’ll take care of this.” A clearly exasperated Drakeo defends himself by saying the car is an Uber, but it seems to be to no avail. After about a minute, he gets out of the car and reveals two masked policemen.

We don’t know what happens next, but the video ends with Drakeo yelling “what are you doing bro?” And a woman in the background screaming “I’m recording.” Later, Hip Hop Ties, a news organization for music, uploaded part of the video to Twitter. “Drakeo The Ruler was arrested on IG live today after his Uber driver was pulled over for tinted windows. FREE DRAKEO!” they tweeted.

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A short time later, a Twitter account by the name of Otto Von Biz Markie provided more details of the arrest. “LAPD arrested him for riding in the back of an Uber with tinted windows. He was with his son. A scam if I’ve ever heard of one,” Markie tweeted. He followed with another tweet: “Whoever heard of someone being pulled over on a Sunday morning at 11 am with their young son while riding in the back of an Uber, WHOSE ONLY VISIBLE CRIME WAS HAVING WINDOWS TINTADAS? It ridiculous if it weren’t so obviously sinister. ”

Internet Begins ‘Free Drakeo’ Campaign


Since then, the viral video has sparked a massive online campaign, with Twitter users criticizing the Los Angeles Police Department for Drakeo’s arrest. “They arrested him because the UBER in which he was with his son had tinted windows. How does this make sense? How is it not a trap? FREE DRAKEO,” said one person. Another tweeted: “Free Drakeo, he has done nothing wrong.” One user commented: “This video of Drakeo’s arrest is insane. Free Drakeo The Ruler!

“Wtf Free Drakeo man … They arrested him because his Uber had F — LAPD tinted windows,” one user tweeted. Another said: “That video of Drakeo being arrested is chilling. It totally ruined my day. Free Drakeo The Ruler!”


It is unclear what the charges are that arrested Drakeo. Instagram Live was the last post he made on social media. The LAPD has not addressed the matter either, so there is still a lot we don’t know. Hopefully, it was all a huge misunderstanding, but that hasn’t stopped social media from criticizing the LAPD.