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Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan

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Eric Morgan, the man charged with his brother in connection with the Chicago police shooting of Officer Ella French and her partner, received probation and did not serve a jail sentence in 2019 for a felony robbery case in Dane County, Wisconsin, which was downgraded to a felony. theft, court records show.


Eric Morgan is 22-years-old.

Criminal Complaint & Suspect

The criminal complaint, which you can read later in this story, describes how Morgan and his cousin robbed a group of people together in Madison at gunpoint during a drug deal. The cousin, Jarreon Cunningham, was described as the one with the gun by most witnesses. The weapon was located at his grandmother’s home in Madison, the complaint says. A detective discovered that Morgan’s cousin’s iPhone “contained numerous photographs of Cunningham and Morgan, drugs, money and weapons.”

The complaint lists Morgan’s address as an apartment on Gammon Road in Madison.

It says both Morgan and Cunningham were originally charged with armed robbery as part of a crime, which is a crime punishable by up to 40 years in prison.

According to the complaint:

On June 1, 2018, at approximately 4:26 p.m., Madison police officers were dispatched for riots. Four people in a Toyota approached the officer. One woman told the officer that she had been robbed at gunpoint.

Descriptions of the suspects were short dreadlocks and another with short hair in a black Chicago hoodie.

The officer spoke to another member of the group who said he was sitting in the car when two black suspects approached the vehicle on foot.

The suspect with the gun said, “What’s going on, what’s going on?” And he pulled out a gun, pointing it at all the occupants of the vehicle and saying “give me your money.”

The suspect was that the gun was described as a black male in his 20s with short hair, wearing a black hoodie with the words “DIRECT OUT OF / OUT OF CHICAGO.” He was wearing gray shorts and a black 9mm baby pistol that he “squeezed” and put a bullet into the chamber. He was at his waist.

The second suspect had short dreadlocks.

The whistleblower told police that he was scared and did not want anyone to be shot, so he handed over all the cash he had to the first suspect, $ 180. Another member of the group described the suspect similarly, wearing a black Chicago hoodie.

He said that they had been at BP the night before and that they had brought in one of the suspects and that one of the suspects and the victims had been calling each other all day.

The guy with the dreadlocks said, “give me your money.”

This person said it was the guy with the dreadlocks who pulled out a black pistol.

Another passenger said the suspect in the Chicago jersey pulled out a black pistol and pointed it at a person, “straight in the face.”

He said one of the suspects’ names was Eric Morgan.

Later, officers found the suspicious vehicle in an apartment.

They spoke with Morgan’s grandmother, who said her grandchildren were driving her car. It was Cunningham and Eric Morgan.

The complaint says that Cunningham matched the description of suspect one and Morgan matched the description of suspect 2.

Officers searched the rooms where the woman said her grandchildren were staying. They found a 9mm pistol in a plastic container in bedroom 1. The magazine had 12 unexpired rounds. They also found a black hoodie with Straight outta Chicago in bedroom 2.
The suspect with the dreadlocks was identified as Eric Morgan. One of the victims told police they were “trying to buy marijuana.”
The purchase was supposed to be $ 180.

One of the victims said: “I knew the gun was real and I was definitely scared. They have never pointed a gun at my face. ”

The pistol returned stolen from Madison, Wisconsin.

Morgan told police that he and Cunningham met with the victims at the gas station. He said he told the group that he could get them some marijuana and they followed him to another street and then got a “little dubbing” and left, the complaint alleges.

Cunningham told police that he received a call from the victims that they would be there soon. He said that he and his cousin Eric Morgan were there and that the victims gave him the $ 180.

Cunningham admitted that he was the person who contacted the victims regarding a marijuana-related drug deal.

French was previously identified as the 29-year-old Chicago police officer who was shot and killed at a traffic stop on August 7, 2021. She was remembered as a dedicated and “humanitarian” public official who possessed “attributes that you don’t.”. find in this world more “.

Those descriptors came from her brother to the Chicago Tribune the day after the shooting that also left French’s partner fighting for her life in critical condition.

Brown, speaking at a news conference the day after the shooting, called on Chicagoans to “wrap their arms around our police officers and encourage them to continue their great work to protect us all.” He added: “The officers need this city to pray for their strength, to pray for peace, to be comforted and their families to be comforted.” [Keith Thornton, a Chicago police dispatcher, is being praised for his handling of the tragedy. He can read more about that and listen to the dispatch audio here.] Brown said police have recovered 7,536 guns this year, a 23% increase over the same period last year. The night after the shooting, Chicago police recovered 33 additional guns. “Let’s let that sink in because every encounter in which a weapon is recovered is a potential deadly force encounter,” Brown said.

Charged with Murder & Arrested

Heavy asked Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne why the charge against Eric Morgan was lowered and what sentence the prosecutor recommended.

Ozanne told Heavy in an email: “I understand that the armed robbery charge associated with Mr. Morgan was changed to a felony robbery. At the time the case was resolved, Mr. Morgan had no criminal record known to the State. The evidence also did not place a weapon in Mr. Morgan’s possession during the incident. The State recommended three (3) years of probation with 100 days in jail as a condition. ”

However, Judge Ellen Berz gave Morgan even less time than prosecutors requested: three years of probation and 30 days in jail that she remained, meaning she did not have to serve it if she completed AODA treatment and education. . Wisconsin Circuit Court records show 22-year-old Eric Morgan was charged with felony armed robbery as part of the felony, a class C felony, in Dane County, but the charge was dismissed. on motion of the prosecutor. Instead, he was convicted of theft of personal property fr. Person / Corpse, a class G felony. The original charge carried a possible sentence of 40 years in prison and the reduced charge of 10.

Heavy has reached out to the head of the Chicago Police Union, Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge # 7, for comment, and it will be added to this story if received.

Although the district attorney said the weapon mattered in the decision to reduce the charge against Eric Morgan, court records say the co-actor in the incident, Jarron Cunningham also received a reduced robbery-to-robbery charge despite the charges. allegations that he possessed the weapon during the incident. Stole.

When asked why Cunningham’s charge was also amended, Ozanne replied: “I will check with the ADA who came out today so I don’t have a final answer for you until Monday … They were both originally charged with Armed Robbery. PTAC. Apparently, at the time of the incident, they both had no criminal records (juvenile or adult). The original offer for Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Morgan was for a guilty plea for theft of a person that the state would limit the discussion to 2 years of initial confinement or the recommendation of the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI), whichever is less. It appears that Mr. Cunningham obtained probation for five (5) years with eight (8) months in jail as a condition of time and some stayed for possible treatment and enrollment/completion in school / HSED. ”

Cunningham received eight months in jail as a condition of probation, but the judge stayed two months. He was also paroled and eventually moved to Arkansas.

Cunningham was not charged in connection with the Chicago police shooting; Authorities say Morgan was with his brother, Emonte Morgan, in that incident, which culminated in French’s death and left his partner fighting for his life. Authorities say Emonte Morgan was the trigger, and Eric Morgan was driving the car and disposed of the murder weapon, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

In connection with the Chicago police shooting, Emonte Morgan is charged with first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, two counts of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and illegal use of a weapon by a criminal. . Eric Morgan are charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal, and obstruction of justice. Police Superintendent David Brown said the murder weapon was acquired by Eric Morgan through a bogus buyer because he had a felony conviction, which according to a federal complaint was outside of Wisconsin. That’s the lowered theft charge.

The brothers’ social media accounts also reveal that they have ties to Madison, Wisconsin, through their grandmother, who lives there. They posted videos on Madison and Eric Morgan wrote that he attended a Madison high school.

According to CBS Local, Emonte Morgan was also on probation “after pleading guilty to a robbery charge in 2019.” She has no criminal record in Wisconsin.

Danzy is charged with conspiracy to violate federal firearms laws, Brown said. He faces five years in prison. You can read Danzy’s complaint here.
“Danzy admitted that when he purchased Firearm A for individual A in Indiana, DANZY knew that individual A lived in Illinois. Specifically, DANZY said that prior to purchasing Firearm A for individual A, DANZY knew that individual A lived in Chicago and that DANZY had brought individual A to individual A’s residence in Chicago, “the complaint reads.

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The complaint says of Eric Morgan: “DANZY knew that person A could not legally purchase or possess a firearm due to a criminal conviction in Wisconsin.” Danzy was released from jail on bail, which upset the police superintendent, according to CBS News. According to CBS Chicago, he is a teacher aide with no criminal record who told the station that he is “devastated.”

“I mean, things happen. Things happen for the wrong reason. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. It happened, so I’m out, and I’m happy to be out and everything, so I’m happy to see my family. I am not a criminal. I’m a good person, ”Danzy told CBS Chicago.

Emonte’s Instagram page shows him smoking, displaying what appear to be gang posters, displaying a wad of bills, and posing with a young child. “I miss your blood,” he wrote with a photo of another man. A video on his page from 40 weeks ago is captioned Madison, Wisconsin. The main post on Eric’s Facebook page is an irate comment to a man charged with the murder of a Chicago woman.


Brothers Mother Accused

The siblings’ mother is now charged with causing a disturbance at the hospital where Emonte Morgan is being treated, according to CBS Chicago, which reported that Evalena Flores was arrested Tuesday morning.


Berz is a former public defender who overthrew a titular judge who was appointed by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. She also worked as an adjunct professor at UW-Madison. She is a controversial judge who was previously criticized by Dane County victim advocates for her comments on victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Fire with an illegal Gun

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, at 9 p.m., officers assigned to a community security team “made a traffic stop in a vehicle with three occupants. There were also three officers in the same car that detained these three occupants, ”Brown said. “The officers were shot and they returned fire. One of our officers was hit by the bullets of one of the assailants and suffered a fatal gunshot wound. ”Brown says they were initially stopped for expired license plates.

Emonte Morgan “fought with both officers … the fight went from the trunk of the car to near the inside of the car and the shots rang out from that lookout, from the front passenger seat of the car, which is where I was originally sitting,” Brown said. Authorities say Eric Morgan tried to flee the scene.

Brown said the alleged gunman was also shot and a weapon recovered.

Authorities say Eric Morgan admitted to having marijuana, so Officer French asked him to get out of the car; They say that Emonte began fighting with the officers while Eric was trying to escape, but was captured by a third officer. According to CBS Local, Emonte Morgan “gave the gun to his brother, who escaped, before he was detained by witnesses who caught him in a nearby yard, where he had thrown the gun,” prosecutors say.

According to Brown, French had been on the Chicago police force for three and a half years. She started working in April 2018, she said. Her partner who was shot is six years old in the force.

“Despite the shock, pain, pain, and sadness we felt this morning, our brothers and sisters in blue wear this uniform every day. They are going to work risking everything to serve the people of Chicago, ”Brown said.

“They come to work, ready to run into danger, into gunfire, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of complete strangers. They went to work today. After the tragic events of last night, the officers are working now. Right now, continuing this brave and courageous work of protecting the people of Chicago. It is in the honor of our lost officers that we work, that we sacrifice, that we serve, that we risk everything. ”

He added: “A new shift of grieving and heartbroken officers will do the same tonight and tomorrow night and each and every night they serve. They go down dark alleys that no one would go through. They face violent criminals that no one would face … we are all safe and sleep well at night thanks to these brave men and women. ”

The injured officer is “gradually getting better,” Brown said.

Without these types of traffic stops, Chicago would not be safe, according to Brown. “Agents put themselves in danger by arresting suspects like this … they are dangerous people who don’t mind killing agents or people in Chicago,” he said.

The weapon used in this shooting was “illegally possessed and the product of a fake purchase,” Brown said at the news conference.

Jamel Danzy of Hammond, Indiana, purchased the firearm from a federal firearms dealer in Hammond in March, authorities allege. He falsely identified himself as the actual buyer, they say. “He was actually the straw buyer who bought the gun” at the request of Eric Morgan, who had a crime that prohibited him from buying it for himself, Brown said.