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Erika Casher
Erika Casher

Erika Casher Biography – Wiki

Erika Casher is a registered nurse who spoke out against masking mandates in schools at a Tennessee school board meeting. She was the subject of a firestorm on social media after being identified on social media as the woman caught on video laughing at a young man who was speaking at a Rutherford County school board meeting about her grandmother’s death. by COVID-19.

Online records show that Casher is 36 years old and lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. His Facebook page has now been removed. Her LinkedIn page for her has now also been removed, but a cached version described her as a case manager at Cigna, who previously worked at various hospices and hospitals as RN.


Erika Casher is 36-years-old.

Tennessee Cigna Nurse Caught on Video

She was the subject of a firestorm on social media after being identified on social media as the woman caught on video laughing at a young man who was speaking at a Rutherford County school board meeting about her grandmother’s death. by COVID-19.

Keith Olbermann, who has more than 999,700 Twitter followers, was one of those who identified the woman in the video as Erika Casher, writing on Twitter: “Hi @cigna, why is your employee Erika Casher laughing at this grieving young man who Is you 10 times smarter and 10,000 times more human than her? And why is she still her employee? #BoycottCigna. “The video in question has been viewed millions of times.

Murfreesboro’s voice gave her name as Erica Casher, but online records show that she is Erika Casher. That story contains this line, “Erica Casher laughs when a Rutherford County Schools student talks about the impact of her grandmother’s death from COVID-19.”

On September 7, 2021, The Murfreesboro Holler in Tennessee shared a video of the woman identified as Casher sitting behind a young man named Grady Knox who spoke at that meeting. ” Shameful: When A RUTHERFORD COUNTY STUDENT tells the board that his grandmother, a former Rutherford County Schools teacher, DIED OF COVID because someone was not wearing a mask … the anti-maskers behind him were LAUGH and INTERRUPT, “said the caption.

In the video, he said: “I am worried about my family. If I get Covid, I will take it to my family and I talk a lot with my grandparents. They are riskier than me, so I don’t want to give them COVID.” He added: “This time last year, my grandmother, who was a teacher in the Rutherford County school system, died of COVID because someone was not wearing a mask.”

The woman sitting behind him had a sign that said “Let our children smile.” She smiled and seemed to laugh briefly at that point in the video.

“This will continue if we don’t have a mask mandate. Contact tracing has been a big problem for students this year because we all know that if we succeed in contact tracing, we will miss at least a week of school. That is a week of instruction, a week of contact with teachers that we are going to lose, “Knox continued.” This is a preventable problem and not wearing masks in schools, is irresponsible. We are killing people. This is It is not something that we should do for the education of our students. Thank you, “he concluded.

Murfreesboro Holler wrote in an update on Facebook, “ JUST NOW: Rutherford County Schools pass a 30-day mask mandate (will be undermined by Governor Bill Lee’s opt-out order … but it’s something) ALSO: GRADY KNOX, who was teased while talking about his deceased grandmother, will be invited to come back to apologize. ”

Was she fired?

Has she fired her? Cigna, where Casher’s now-deleted social media profiles said she worked, has not verified. “The #BraveOfHeartFund aims to support the families of fallen healthcare workers who lost their lives in the fight against # COVID19. Click for more information on how to apply for a charitable grant to get the financial support you need, “reads the company’s most recent post on Twitter, shared on September 9.

Heavy reached out to Cigna to ask if Casher had been fired after social media posts made that unverified claim, but we have not received a response.

The rumors on social media in this regard appear to come from a tweet from a woman who wrote: “Just an update, an acquaintance who works with @Cigna has verified that #ErikaCasher was fired yesterday.” The claim also circulated on Reddit, but, again, it is not verified.

Grady Knox Statement

Knox later told CNN: “My brain was like all over the place because I could hear them behind me, but I felt like the two things weren’t connected because I couldn’t understand why people were reacting to that to a statement that I made. that it was so personal … I just hope they see that I have been given this opportunity now to speak in front of the entire nation and say how I feel that masks are really essential for schools to remain open. ”

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People criticized Casher at Cigna. “Erica Casher is one of her employees, A NURSE. If this is the type of person who reviews my medical claims, I will leave her company. Open enrollment begins next month. Do the right thing, ”one person tweeted.

“. @ Cigna, is this how her employees support families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 … laughing at their pain?” tweeted another.

Previously Quoted as Expressing Concern About Mask Mandates

Casher was quoted in an August 2021 story by WKRN-TV that described her as a registered nurse.

“I am concerned about imposing [masks] on them. I saw that in Williamson County, obviously, they did. COVID is obviously real. As a healthcare provider, I am aware of that, “said the woman identified in that story as” RN Erica Casher. ”

She continued with WKRN: “But, it has been used to take away our individual freedoms for the last year.” The article explained: “She felt that masks should be a parent’s choice.”

Knox is a third-year student at Central Magnet School, according to News4Nashville. The station tried to communicate with the woman seen laughing in the video, but she was unable to do so.