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Ethan McIntosh
Ethan McIntosh

Ethan McIntosh Biography, Wiki

Ethan McIntosh is the son of Peggy McGuire who has been missing since 2015, FOX 23 reported.

He was reported missing on Monday, February 22, the evening has been found safe, according to authorities. Ethan McIntosh was missing since 5.45 pm on February 22 from the Stidham area. He was operating an orange Kubota tractor. Authorities stated that they searched the Stidham and surrounding areas with assistance from an OHP helicopter.


Ethan McIntosh is 13-years-old.

Missing & Found Safe

McIntosh is the son of Peggy McGuire who has been missing since 2015, FOX 23 reported. Authorities said Ethan was found uninjured about 20 miles from where he went missing. Reports suggest Peggy disappeared from the same area in Stidham back in November 2015. Peggy was last seen on November 16, 2005, after dropping her son at school, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation. She talked on the phone with her father at 8.15 am on her way home, about fixing the deck for her house and she was supposed to meet her mother, Betty Davis, at a basketball game that evening.

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According to a post on the Mvskoke Creek Nation Lighthorse Police’s Facebook page, Muscogee Nation Lighthorse Police officers along with McIntosh County Sheriff’s deputies and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were looking for a missing teenage boy.

Patrick Williams, the K9 officer who was a part of the group that found McIntosh, said they were able to track his footprints to an area 20 miles from where he was last seen. “He was wet. It was cold last night,” Williams said of McIntosh, who was transported to a local hospital after being found.

Muscogee Creek Nation Press Secretary Jason Salsman said, “All day long, all of us involved in this story, all of us involved in looking and working this case hoped and prayed for a happy ending and it seems like that’s what we have here.” He said he didn’t have any details yet on how the boy was found. He added that there was no initial indication that McIntosh was injured. He thanked agencies involved in the search efforts, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Muskogee Nation Lighthorse, and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. “We are so very fortunate that all these agencies came together,” Salsman said.