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Getti Kehayova
Getti Kehayova

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Getti Kehayova, world hula hoop champion has shared her unpleasant experience with an unknown woman in a park that moved her to the core. Getti Kehayova alleged that a “Karen” angrily approached her when she was practicing and was hanging upside down from a set of bars and hula hooping. During practice, her blouse slid down to reveal the bottom of her white sports bra and midriff, apparently unleashing the woman.

Kehayova, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest hula hoop spun, said the woman walked up to her and started haranguing her for her “obscene” dress on hers. She also accused Kehayova of being “half-naked”. A witness recorded the encounter, which Kehayova shared on TikTok. At the time, the world champion was wearing a white tank top and running shorts. However, during practice, he slipped and Karen, who was pushing her son in a stroller at the time, started screaming. She apparently yelled, “Everyone around here is watching this! You’re half-naked right there. This is a place where children play. ”


Getti Kehayova’s age is unknown.

Viral Video of Hula Hoop Champion

But when Kehayova asked the woman to back off while hula hooping saying, “Take care. I’m trying to film. ”The woman didn’t move and commented,“ This is a place for the family. You can’t be half-naked up there. ”She also asked Kehayova’s spouse Michael,“ Do you agree with this? ”Neither Kehayova nor her husband responded to her spiel, but when she saw her son catching his hula hooping, she continued saying, “This is where the kids play, this is a place for families. That’s so obscene,” before adding, “‘I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighborhood park with almost no clothes on. That’s totally revealing. “.

Karen didn’t stop there when she accused Kehayova and her husband of waking up her daughter and she also took Kehayova’s hula hoop and threw it to the ground. The person who was recording the scene then intervened, but Karen yelled at him and asked her not to get involved as she was none of her business. The woman also yelled at Kehayova’s son and when she and Michael asked him to leave her, she said, “You guys are out of the question.”

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But Karen again insisted that Kehayova was wrong and asked for an explanation as to why she was wearing “revealing clothes.” Her mother then hit her saying, “You are wearing revealing clothes too.” Karen was reportedly wearing a cardigan over a V-neck sleeveless top and skirt. But the woman added, “Find another place to bare your belly.”

Kehayova and Michael left the scene with her son instead of arguing further. Later, on August 29, she posted the video of the encounter on TikTok and claimed that she “is still in shock” from the incident.

The video has reportedly garnered 2.4 million views and more than 14,000 people commented on it. One viewer asked, “Have you ever been to a public swimming pool?” The second commented: “I could never imagine thinking that someone’s stomach is more harmful to a child than his behavior and language.” One person commented, “This can’t be real,” to which Kehayova replied that it was “not a joke.”