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Gina Marie Krasley

Gina Marie Krasley Biography – Wiki

Gina Marie Krasley, known from a 2020 episode of the TLC reality show “My 600-lb Life,” died Sunday at her home in Tuckerton, New Jersey, surrounded by family, according to her obituary.

Born in Galloway, NJ, Gina has been a lifelong resident of Ocean County, living in Forked River, Barnegat, and Tuckerton for the past 6 years. Her greatest passion was dancing and she would make up dances with her sister and the neighborhood children while she was growing up. ”

In the eighth season episode of “My 600-lb Life”, Krasley revealed that her struggles with her weight began when she was a child when she faced physical and verbal abuse from her father by resorting to food for comfort. The episode also followed her relationship with her wife Beth hers and the strain her health placed on the couple’s family life.

After appearing on the show, Krasley remained in the public eye through social media. As noted in her obituary, dance was one of her lifelong passions. One of her goals in her life was to open a dance studio for children with special needs. Meanwhile, she used TikTok to share her dance and choreography with others. She started a trend on TikTok by promoting the idea that “dancing has no size limit,” which invited other plus-size people to find confidence by dancing in front of others. Many women shared Krasley’s videos, along with videos of themselves dancing. She appeared in the 1998 Matt Mulhern film “Walking to the Waterline” and preferred to spend her spare time in the company of her family.


Gina Marie Krasley has died at the age of 30-years-old.

Family & Siblings

His family encourages donations to mental health charities, in honor of Krasley, and asks funeral attendees to wear purple and pink, Krasley’s favorite colors. Krasley is survived by his mother Cathy Devereux and his sister Ali Samuels, grandmother Stella Perullo from Brick, NJ, grandparents Michael and Annette Tubito from Barnegat, NJ, and many aunts, uncles and cousins, their dog Bubba and their cat Daisy. ”

Married To Her Husband

Gina was married to Beth Krasley. They got married in 2016. Beth wrote on her big day: “I am married to the love of my life on October 1, 2016. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never live a day without her.”. I love you, Gina !!!! “In 2019, Beth tweeted her support for her wife Gina’s weight loss journey for her.”

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I am so proud of my wife, she is doing this! And she won’t let anyone get her down !!! I love you so much, honey. Good job and keep working hard, “she wrote.

Cause Of Death

Según los informes, el programa de TLC, ‘My 600lb Life star’, Gina Marie Krasley, falleció. La estrella de telerrealidad estadounidense murió en su casa, “rodeada de su familia” en Nueva Jersey el domingo 1 de agosto, según los informes. Gina apareció en la octava temporada del popular programa TLC.

La causa de la muerte de Gina no se revela por el momento. Un funeral está programado para el domingo 8 de agosto y la familia ha solicitado que los fanáticos hagan donaciones a una organización benéfica de salud mental en lugar de flores. Si hay que creer en algunos informes, Gina estaba sufriendo una misteriosa enfermedad en los últimos meses y estaba luchando contra el dolor en las piernas.

An obituary for the Gina Marie Krasley star reads: “Gina Marie Krasley 30, of Tuckerton, NJ, passed away at her home surrounded by her loving family on Sunday, August 1, 2021.