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Imran Ali Rasheed
Imran Ali Rasheed

Imran Ali Rasheed Biography – Wiki

Imran Ali Rasheed was identified as the Texas man who fired a gun at a police employee in the lobby of the Plano Police Department after murdering a Lyft driver, Isabella Lewis. Authorities now say they are investigating whether the shootings were related to terrorism.


Imran Ali Rasheed has died at the age of 33-years-old.

Isabella Lewis Murder in Texas

Authorities found a note in the Lyft driver’s car that prompted police to contact the FBI, Garland, Texas, Police Chief Jeff Bryan said at a news conference. However, he did not reveal the content of that note. Rasheed “may have been inspired by foreign terrorist organizations to commit these crimes,” said Matthew J. DeSarno, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, at the news conference. DeSarno said that he did not want to name the organization to pay attention to and that he would not disclose the content of the note either.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Is Investigating

DeSarno, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, emphasized in a press conference that it was early in the investigation, but that the FBI’s Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force has joined the investigation to determine “what led to the incidents and whether they were an act of terrorism. ”

“We do not believe that the suspect received assistance from others or that others were involved in these incidents. However, it is a research priority for us to determine the extent of their relationships and contacts. ”

Bryan said authorities believe Lewis and Rasheed did not know each other.

“We believe it was inspired by the rhetoric or propaganda of a foreign terrorist organization,” DeSarno said but said it was not directed by her.

Police Discovered the Body of Lewis

At a press conference on August 30, 2021, Bryan said that on August 29, the Garland Police Department responded to a call involving a gunshot wound victim.

They located a deceased victim identified as Isabella Lewis of Garland, 26. They discovered that the victim’s car was missing. They learned that Lewis was a Lyft driver who had recently picked up a passenger who was on her notifications to be picked up. The police learned that she was Imran Ali Rasheed.

Later, Lewis’s car was found in the Plano Police Department parking lot, where the suspect had entered the Police Department and started shooting. The suspect in Plano was also Rasheed, Bryan said.

Rasheed Fired a Gun in the Lobby of the Plano Police Department

According to an August 29, 2021 media advisory from the Plano Police Department, around 12:15 p.m. M. On August 29, Plano Police Officers “responded to a Meet Complainant incident in front of the Plano Police Department headquarters (909 14th Street). The incident described a man, wearing a black shirt and mask, behaving erratically. ”

Before the officers arrived, the man, now identified as Rasheed, “walked into the lobby of the Police Department twice; Upon entering the lobby for the second time, he displayed a pistol. He then raised his pistol and shot in the direction of a civil police employee who was helping a citizen in the lobby, ”the notice said.

“The civilian employee and the visitor took refuge in a secure room next to the lobby of the Police Department. At that moment, two policemen responded from inside the building and confronted the suspect. The suspect was shot and transported by Plano Fire Rescue… No police employees or visitors, other than the suspect, were injured during this incident. This incident is currently being investigated by the Plano Police Crimes Against Persons Unit and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office. ”

Plano Police Chief Ed Drain also identified the shooter in the lobby as Rasheed. He was carrying a semi-automatic pistol. He said the civilian employee tried to reduce the situation, but Rasheed fired in his direction. Officers inside the building heard those shots. They went to the lobby.

GoFundMe Page to Help Lewis’s Family

A GoFundMe page was created to help Lewis’s family.

“Our beloved Bella Ann was kidnapped too early on Sunday morning, August 29. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend who touched the lives of those around her. Leave behind her mother, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and a boyfriend ”, she reads herself.

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“We are all devastated by the loss of her and we appreciate the great support we have received from family, friends, and community members. We want to give Bella the tribute she deserves from her, to honor her memory and say goodbye to her one last time, and I am currently asking for donations to help cover the cost of Bella’s funeral. We need to raise $ 5,000 to pay for the funeral service. ”

Previous Counter-Terrorism Investigation Involving Rasheed

Rasheed was the subject of a Dallas FBI counterterrorism investigation from 2010 to 2013, DeSarno said.

“All investigative measures were taken. I feel comfortable that the investigation was carried out completely and properly, “he said.

That case was later closed and Rasheed was determined not to pose a threat at the time, DeSarno said. That investigation was initially opened to see if he was involved in activities with foreign terrorist organizations and was a threat to the public.

The Plano police chief said authorities have no idea why he came to Plano. They say they have no record of any previous contact with him.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Rasheed had no criminal record in Texas. He was in a car accident in Garland about a decade ago, the newspaper reported.

Authorities do not believe Lewis was a specific target of Rasheed; They believe he ordered a Lyft and killed her when she was the Lyft driver who showed up.

Shot & Killed

Rasheed, 33, of Garland, Texas, was shot and killed in the lobby by police who responded to his shots, Plano police say. The Plano Police Department is “the largest law enforcement agency in the North Dallas metropolitan area,” they noted.