Who is Jacob Blake Sr? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Wife, Children, Father’s Facebook Posts, Instagram, Net Worth-wikibiouk

Who is Jacob Blake Sr(Father’s Facebook Posts Draw Scrutiny)? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Wife, Children, Father’s Facebook Posts, Instagram, Net Worth

Jacob Blake Sr Wiki – Biography

Jacob Blake Sr is the father of Jacob Blake, the man who was shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer, is listed to appear with Democratic official contestant Joe Biden in Wisconsin. That visit has inflamed investigation over Blake Sr.’s Facebook posts.

Jacob Blake Sr Age

Jacob Blake Sr’s age is unknown.

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Jacob Blake Sr Father’s Facebook Posts Draw Scrutiny

Those posts show anti-Semitic remarks (such as saying the Jews control the media), frequently refer to white people as “crackers” and “pinks” or “pink digits,” refuse the Christian church, and lead to some women as “hoes.” In one post, he wrote, “Fresh out of Facebook jail I say f*** the white man.” In 2019, he captioned a graphic that reads “white Jesus revealed as the most important fraud unleashed on the asteroid,” with the following: “Crackers have never told the truth diabolical Cheats.” The posts date to 2019 and 2018.

His posts often criticized racial disparities in society and the mistreatment of Blacks, from slavery onward, such as when he wrote, “Not one North American penny should be donated to the rebuilding of Notre Dame until Flint’s water has been fixed.”

In 2018, he shared a photo of a boy peeing on a Donald Trump sign. Another post refers to “young Black coons.”

Pink people Refers to White People

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term “pink people” refers to white people. Blake also wrote, “One-day pink toes will burn for.”

Dictionary.com describes the term cracker as: “Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a white person in the South, especially a poor white living in some rural parts of the southeastern U.S.” According to NPR, “It was used to refer to poor whites. … It is suspected that it was a shortened version of ‘whip-cracker,’ since the manual labor they did involved driving livestock with a whip,” in addition to brutal uses of whips.

Biden Said

Biden has said the officer who shot Jacob Blake should be criminally charged, according to The Hill; the shooting is still under investigation by the state attorney general’s office and no decision on charges has been announced. Later, a Biden official told The Hill the vice president wants a full investigation to conclude first. Biden plans to hold a community meeting after meeting with Jacob Blake Sr. “to bring together Americans to heal and address the challenges we face,” according to his campaign’s press release. Blake previously told People he had spoken with Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

According to BBC, President Donald Trump said he didn’t meet with Jacob Blake Jr.’s family when he visited Kenosha because they wanted lawyers present. In an interview with CNN, Jacob Blake Sr. said he was not “dealing with politics” and was focused on his son’s health.

A news release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice says that, “While holding onto Mr. Blake’s shirt, Officer Rusten Sheskey fired his service weapon seven times. Officer Sheskey fired the weapon into Mr. Blake’s back. No other officer fired their weapon. Kenosha Police Department does not have body cameras, therefore the officers were not wearing body cameras.” The shooting has sparked days of protests and unrest in Kenosha, including multiple arson fires. Trump visited the scene of one damaged business.

“I’m not getting into politics. It’s all about my son, man. It has nothing to do with a photo op,” Blake said to CNN. His Facebook page is another story; for years, he’s been railing against Trump, referring to him as an “orange cracker.”

“I know some dumb crackers but this orange cracker is the dumbest of them all,” Blake wrote.

Jacob Blake Jr.’s Facebook page also contained this post but far fewer visible posts than his dad’s page.

Blake Shared a Post

In 2019, Blake shared a post that read, “I’m with Farrakhan.” He wrote, “Don’t ban hateful pink ban Brown we truly hate you Facebook.” He shared a video about Farrakhan being banned from Facebook and Instagram.

In 2019, he wrote, “Yackers get taken into custody Brown toes die.” In the comment thread, he clarified, “Lol I never said cracker.”

Blake also wrote, “The pink toes (that) run face book are racist Yakaz.”

In 2019, he shared a graphic reading, “Not. My President,” of Trump.

Another post refers to the true meaning of the “brothers of the struggle,” and uses gang signs and mentions Larry Hoover, the leader of the Gangster Disciples gang that is often called the Brothers of the Struggle.

In 2019, he wrote, “It ok for crackers to be pedophiles crackhead heroin abusers pill poppers criminals of all types crack sh***.”

Blake also wrote, “Jesus ain’t doing nothing for you miserable broads.” He shared a video by Black Men Against Feminism that read, “Women don’t want a good man because he requires you to be a good woman, and he cant be controlled!!! These FEMINISTS want a Man she can RULE!!”

“Killer squad,” read another post showing an old photo. Another graphic said hip hop “so called artists get paid to poison & brainwash our youth.”

Some of his posts rage against the Christian church. In one, he wrote, “F*** the pedophilia Church.” He wrote, “May Allah bless us all have the best day…When I mess up or need to be forgiven I ask Allah not any man or woman.”

He shared a graphic that read, “The Black man is like a 7 foot man drowning in 3 feet of water, to save himself all he has to do is STAND UP!!”

He shared a graphic in 2019 that read, “Every cable station is talking about Joe Biden’s alleged kiss on the head of a woman, while an admitted p**** grabber who paid off prostitutes, sits in the White House eating cheeseburgers.”

Blake shared a graphic reading, “When Trump dies, there will be no need for him to lie in state as he has already lied in every state he’s been in.”

He shared Malcolm X videos and a graphic that read, “If the Christian religion, that we got from white folks, is true, then how come they ain’t worried about going to hell for mistreating us?”

He wrote, “Crackers” on a post about a list of Illinois Catholic clergy accused of sexual misconduct.

“When The F*** was America Great For Brown People?” read another post.

Catholic Crackers Statemet

“Catholic crackers,” said another post. He shared a graphic reading, “If Black people were as violent as white people have convinced you they are, there would be no white people left” and “This is what crackers do” and “The nerve to call me a racist with your white pale skin cancer getting hypocritical funky a**.”

“It is kill or be killed,” wrote Blake in 2019. He shared a graphic that read, “Why do black people believe that living around white people mean they’re doing good in life? Are we really that retarded?”

In March 2019, he wrote, “Say something negative about a Jew and you’re anti-Semitic they burn Ethiopian Jews with fire to death what does that make a Jew” and “White Jews want you to believe there are no brown Jews.”

“Nothing like a white boy tricking on your azz,” said another post. “White men rape kids in the name of God rape woman because they can grab there cuchies,” read another.

On Trump: “This orange Cracker is crazy as hell.”

On Kamala Harris: “Kamala Harris may have you Goofy’s fooled not me.”

On Jews: “Jews are not special they’re just like everybody else” and “In 1975 I was told buy one of those good Skokie Jew boys that there were no black Jews I said to him how do you figure that maybe somebody will let me know.”

On whites: “Pink toes suck.”

On Sarah Sanders: “Sarah Sanders has to be the ugliest woman in the world no questions asked.”

On police: “Pull on my grand daughter like they did in new York old punk a** cops” and “The Chicago Police are murderers they are the biggest gang in Chicago.”

On Monica Lewinsky: “Let’s get this straight Monica Lewinsky had a married man’s Fallas in her mouth so that makes her a hoe she gets no sympathy because a hoe is a hoe is a hoe.”