Who is Janene Hoskovek? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Coughs on Customer at Store, Viral Video

Janene Hoskovek
Janene Hoskovek

Janene Hoskovek Biography – Wiki

Janene Hoskovek, a ‘Karen’ in Nebraska was caught coughing in a supermarket, while steadfastly refusing to put on the mask. On September 7, a Twitter user posted a TikTok video showing a woman smiling as she continued to cough at the store despite other customers asking her to come in. The video identified the woman as Janene Hoskovek, who is now receiving a lot of backlashes online for her actions.

Hoskovek, a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, works at the IT giant SAP, according to his LinkedIn profile. His profile lists his workplace as Temple, Arizona, but the footage was captured at the Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has also previously worked at NASA and IBM, as well as HP according to LinkedIn. The profile also says that Hoskovek studied at the United States Air Force Academy, as well as Arizona State University and the University of Colorado.

Little else is known about Hoskovek. His Facebook profile does not appear to have anti-mask or anti-vaccine posts, only personal photos. We found a Twitter account in his name, but no tweets were made. He doesn’t seem to have been in the news before either. It is unclear where exactly Hoskovek lives, his LinkedIn profile says that he is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. There is no place of residence on Facebook, but Danesh shared a profile stating that he currently lives in Lincoln.


Janene Hoskovek’s age is unknown.

Coughs on Customer at Store & Viral Video

Hoskovek’s actions are not unique. Across the United States, thousands of anti-maskers and anti-vaccines have turned to dramaturgy in an attempt to make it clear that they don’t care about the pandemic. In March, New York City’s Stephanie Denaro was nicknamed ‘Bagel Karen’ for refusing to cover her face at a bagel shop. In June 2020, a Flordia woman was caught coughing over a brain tumor patient who videotaped her workers threatening at a Jacksonville store. In October 2020, we also reported on Robert Brissette, a Trump supporter who was caught coughing over a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Utah.

These are just a few of the many, many stories of anti-maskers who decide to simply spread fear and mayhem, rather than simply disguise themselves. It’s unclear who exactly caught Hoskovek being dramatic, but the images went viral hours after Danesh shared them on TikTok and Twitter.

“What you did is a crime. And a lot of people got into a lot of trouble for that, and now it’s your turn,” Danesh said in the video, where he shared the incident at the store, as well as information from Hoskovek. The video shows Hoskovek coughing as he smiles at the person recording it. “Excuse me,” he says as he continues to cough. Another person, off-camera, yells “I don’t know if you are sick or not.” To which Hoskovek responds, “it’s my allergies.”


When he is asked why he doesn’t have a mask, Hoskovek replies, “because I don’t need to wear one. I’m not sick and neither are you.” Later, he tells the people around her, “maybe I have a medical condition,” implying that this is why he doesn’t wear a mask. However, that directly contradicts his earlier statement about not being ill. She also claimed the medical exemption when approached by a store worker. It is unclear how the confrontation ended.

Select Another Person’ Jokes Internet


Shortly after Danesh’s tweet, several users began criticizing Hoskovek and also dragged SAP into the debate. “The lady needs a 72-hour observation, followed by permanent institutionalization,” replied one user. Another said: “Just pretending to cough on someone regardless of covid or whatever is disgusting.”

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One user tweeted: “Hey @SAP, this is one of your employees. Is she faithfully representing SAP’s principles and values ​​while she is in public here?”


“It seems that SAP needs to select someone else,” joked one user. Another scoffed, “If you’re going to get in trouble on Twitter, it doesn’t help to have a unique name.” One user poked fun at his LinkedIn bio and tweeted, “Someone is going to learn a lot about the ‘complexities of digital transformation.”


There are still many things we do not know about the incident, such as whether charges were brought against Hoskovek. For now, though, it looks like she is still an SAP employee, but that could change quickly. Many anti-maskers have been fired after their actions went viral on social media, so its possible SAP will do the same. Meanwhile, the Delta variant continues to take the US by storm, with a record number of hospitalizations.