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Jasmine Hartin

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Jasmine Hartin, the wealthy socialite charged with the shooting death of a top Belize cop, is reportedly seen on video berating her longtime partner and accusing him of denying her access to their children.

Jasmine Hartin, married to the son of businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft, was socializing with Chief Inspector Henry Jemmott before he was found dead with a bullet in his head on Thursday.


Jasmine Hartin is 43-years-old.

Charged & Arrested

Jasmine Hartin, who is accused of murdering Belize’s top cop, was reportedly seen arguing with her partner about not being able to see her kids.

“Why won’t you let me see the kids, Andrew? Why won’t you let me see the children?” the Canadian-born 32-year-old says as she confronts Andrew Ashcroft, 43, son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, in a hotel kitchen, the Daily Mail reported.

“Why are you stopping me from being at my house and seeing my kids, Andrew? You don’t want to be on camera? Why are you keeping my children from me, Andrew? You lied to my whole family. Let me see my children,” she continues.

The mom of 4-year-old twins Charlie and Elle is charged with manslaughter by negligence after officials said she allegedly confessed to accidentally shooting Superintendent Henry Jemmott while handing him his pistol as they defied a curfew and drank together on a pier.

He reportedly fell on top of her and then into the water as she wriggled to get free.

The video obtained by the Daily Mail shows Hartin pursuing her common-law husband as he repeatedly says, “Stop! Stop!”

Another woman is heard saying: ‘It’s going in the newspaper, Andrew. You lied to my family, Andrew.”

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The encounter reportedly took place Tuesday at the posh Alaia Hotel, which Hartin ran with Andrew before the 42-year-old top cop was killed in San Pedro island. The couple’s heated argument reportedly happened at the Alaia Belize.

A second video recorded Tuesday shows Hartin being confronted by guards as she approaches Andrew, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’m walking up right now to try to see my kids and all of the girls are on standby. And there’s Andrew too, Andrew’s running so I can’t see my children,” she says.

“Security is literally stopping me from seeing my children right now. Wow, so you’ve been instructed by Andrew to stop me from seeing my children? That’s correct?” Hartin says, adding, “He’s gonna rot in hell for this. Like I’m not going through enough.”

She has reportedly confessed to authorities that she was practicing loading a Glock when it went off and killed Jemmott on May 28 after a night of drinking.

Hartin said her longtime police pal had suggested that she buy a gun after she attended a party on May 22 in Belmopan, where a man suddenly became aggressive toward her.


She was released two weeks ago on bail of 30,000 Belizean dollars, or $15,000.

Her bail conditions order her to check in to the police station daily. She also was required to surrender her passport and ID, and submit travel requests to authorities.