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Jeffrey Daniels Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, authorities at the Dumont Police Department in New Jersey received a troubling call: a small child was wandering alone outside of an apartment complex.

Authorities arrived on the scene and found the 5-year-old child, who was walking through the apartment complex courtyard.

A New Jersey man Jeffrey Daniels reportedly stabbed his girlfriend Michelle Burns to death and ran away with the two children – leaving the woman’s third child strolling alone and outside.

Jeffrey Daniels Age

Jeffrey Daniels is 36 years old.

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A 5-year-old Child Wandering Alone

A concerned citizen called 911 shortly after midnight on Tuesday, after seeing Michelle Burns’s 5-year-old child wandering alone in the courtyard of her Dumont home, according to a press release from the attorney’s office. Bergen County.

A person who called 911 also told police

A person who called 911 also told police that he had tried to contact Burns, 36, on his cell phone, but that Burns was not responding. The witness said he heard an argument in the early evening at Burns’ apartment, where Burns lived with her boyfriend Jeffrey Daniels, 36.

The applicant claimed that Daniels knocked on the door later, holding two small children, asking to go for a walk.

Burns and Daniels

Burns and Daniels had two children together – 6 months and 18 months – according to NorthJersey.com. Burns had a 5-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

The police arrived to find the 5-year-old in the yard. While the child was fine, his mother was not.

“The police entered Burns’ apartment to do a welfare check and found her dead,” the statement said. “She was stabbed in the neck with a kitchen knife.”

According to the prosecutor’s office, Daniels was found shortly after in Closter – less than five miles away – where he was trying to knock on the front door of another house. He had his two children unharmed.

Daniels was arrested and charged with murder, possession of a weapon for illegal purposes, and compromising the well-being of a child.

Nicole Boccellari told

Authorities soon learned that Burns’ sister, Nicole Boccellari, lived next door. She told authorities that she had heard an argument coming from inside the apartment earlier in the evening, but did not believe that the argument would turn violent. She later unsuccessfully tried to reach her sister by phone.

Burns’ sister Nicole Boccellari told the source that her brother and Daniels have a history of fighting. She said her sister refused to file a restraining order for fear that Daniels would become violent.

“It was never a good relationship. It was never a safe relationship,” said Bocelli.

Boccellari added that Burns always wanted to make sure he was safe.

“She always took care of me,” she told the jail. “She was very protective of me. She wanted to be a mother to me. Protect me, guide me, make me feel better.”

The family takes care of her sister’s youngest children, while Burns’s ex takes care of his five-year-old son, Boccellari said.

Boccellari called his dead sister “family-oriented, caring, first to help” and “disinterested”.

It is not known if Daniels has a lawyer who can speak for him.