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Jessenia Zapata

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Jessenia Zapata, A wedded head, and his caring instructor transformed their Queens primary school into a hot inn, having s*x wherever from the library to science labs, in some cases while the children were in class, sources disclosed to The Post.


Jessenia Zapata is 43-years-old.

Affair With Assistant Principal

A married school principal and his teacher turned their elementary school in Queens into a hot motel: They had s*x everywhere, from the library to science labs, sometimes while the kids were in class, Post sources said. Officials are now investigating Deputy Director Sergio Herrera for allegedly having a steamy affair with subordinate Jessenia Zapata and threatening the jobs of employees who found out, sources said.

“This is a school run by fear,” said one of nearly a dozen sources at PS 197 in Far Rockaway, who spoke to the Post on condition of anonymity. “Everyone is afraid to say something. We don’t know what else to do. ” Deputy Principal Sergio Herrera has reportedly had an affair with teacher Jessenia Zapata. LinkedIn The venue changed to a science room on another occasion, according to a message. “We just had s*x in Rickys’ lab in the closet,” Zapata wrote in a December 2019 post seen by The Post.

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Several members of the school staff said they were dismayed. “How is a parent going to feel that this is happening at his children’s school?” said a teacher. “He’s totally inappropriate and shows that they feel like they can do anything.” School sources said Herrera and Zapata also planned to call the sick the same day to meet at a hotel. “Do you think people are going to talk shit if the two of us go out?” Herrera asked before the October 2019 meeting. “Idgaf more,” Zapata replied. “Let them talk love.”

Herrera, who is married, became concerned that his activities would attract attention at school and confronted a teacher about the rumors at a January 2020 meeting. With Zapata in the room, Herrera told the educator that he was crying that he would extinguish her career if she did not tell him who she knew about the relationship or if she ever leaked the news.


The Special Investigation Commissioner is in possession of text messages stating that Herrera and Zapata had sex in their school building on weekdays, the sources said. “I just had s*x with him in his office,” Zapata wrote to a colleague during a school day in October 2019. “Now we’re in the library. Girl, it was worth the risk.” Meanwhile, Zapata has shown favoritism in his school assignments and currently oversees the third grade as a grade leader, sources said.

Herrera’s wife finally found out about the matter and furiously alerted director Christina Villavicencio in 2020, sources said. The concerned teachers contacted their union representatives late last year and the SCI launched an investigation in January that is ongoing.

“Our schools must be safe havens for all students and staff, and these are very troubling allegations,” DOE spokeswoman Katie O’Hanlon said. “Immediately after these allegations were reported, the teacher was reassigned to a different supervisor and an independent investigation is ongoing to determine the appropriate next steps.”

School sources said Zapata and Herrera still appear together at Zoom meetings related to the curriculum and maintain close professional ties. Zapata declined to comment on the allegations.