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kelly price
kelly price

Kelly Price Biography – Wiki

Kelly Price is a singer, songwriter, has disappeared. With the Gabby Petito case focusing on missing persons, it has now come to everyone’s attention that singer Kelly Price is missing. She was last seen in late August when she was discharged from a Georgia hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Her family hasn’t heard from her in weeks, but her case only made the news on September 24. In a shocking twist, a representative for Price confirmed hours later that the singer was not missing, but rather that she was recovering from Covid in an “undisclosed location.”


Kelly Price is 48-years-old.

Found After Being Reported Missing

Another missing person case that barely made headlines was that of Jelani Day, who was identified on Sept. 23, 19 days after her body was recovered from the Illinois River. British actress Tanya Fear was reported missing from her Los Angeles home on September 9 and has yet to be found. Also among the many missing people is Deidre Reid, a South Carolina mother of three who was last seen on September 3.

Price’s case caught the attention of social media for the first time thanks to TMZ, who released the story of her disappearance. She is now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center, with an active investigation to find her led by Cobb County officials. As in Petito’s case, all eyes are on Price’s boyfriend, who allegedly triggered the missing person report with his suspicious behavior.

The R&B singer was admitted to the hospital in early August after her Covid-19 symptoms worsened. She also ended up in ICU, after her condition worsened. During this time, her children visited her several times. About three weeks later, her children were informed that Price was being discharged even though she was not completely healthy. That was the last the Price family heard, or from her.

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Since her discharge, Price reportedly went to stay with her boyfriend, who refused to let her friends and family see her. The constant rejection of Price’s boyfriend led the family to alert the authorities. On September 18, a wellness check was conducted at the residence of her boyfriend, prompting authorities to find Price missing. No evidence of foul play could be seen at the residence, but police still spoke to the groom as a matter of formality. It is not clear what he said.


An active investigation is now underway and that’s all we know for now. Beyond the TMZ report, there is little information about Price’s case. Police have not issued a formal statement on the case. Hours after TMZ first posted the story, Bossip reported that she was “not missing and that she was safe at home.” The site claimed to have heard from a close relative who spoke with Price. Soon after, Price’s representative Monica Ewing told The Grio that Price was not missing, but that she was recovering “in an undisclosed location.” Ewing did not say whether Price’s family was informed of the update.

Give ‘the Same Energy We Gave Gabby Petito


“How has Thee Kelly Price been missing for over a month and the news just got out?” asked a user. Another tweeted: “SINCE AUGUST !!!!!!! How the hell has KELLY PRICE been absent for a month and now it’s being discussed… huh ???” One user said, “I need everyone to give Kelly Price the same energy we gave Gabby Petito!”

“This Kelly Price story is so fucking weird. I hope it’s okay,” one person commented. Another tweeted: “You better find Kelly Price, it’s been a long week and I don’t have the patience for this. How come she’s been missing for a month and now we’re finding her out?!? …” One person stated: “I can’t deal with Kelly Price’s heart failure! She literally listened to the artist I love her!”

We were unable to independently confirm the update that Price was okay. Grio and Bossip were the only two sites to report on the update. When she was contacted, Cobb County Police confirmed that she had been reported missing, but said nothing more. “There is no other information available at this time,” they told Bossip.


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