‘Top Chef’ Kristen Kish Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education, Dating Status, Net Worth, Life Facts

Kristen Kish Wiki-Biography

Kristen is an American-Korean model-turned-chef, who gained recognition after getting the title of ‘Top Chef’ in the 10th season of the Bravo reality competition program, Top Chef—another woman to do so. After winning the prestigious title, Kish co-authored a cookbook called Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Methods, beside Meredith Erickson. Ere playing on the program, Top Chef, Kristen used to serve as a Chef de Cuisine in many high-profile restaurants of Boston, such as Chef Guy Martin’s Sensing, Barbara Lynch’s Stir, and Chef Barbara Lynch’s Menton.

Kristen Kish Age

Kish was born on 1st December 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, as Kwon Yung Ran. Kristen’s birth symbol is Sagittarius.

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Family and Siblings

Kristen managed to live as a child in the schools of South Korea. However, her luck turned when Kish was 4th months old—Kristen became adopted by an American twosome. From her adoptive parents, she has an earlier bro called Jonathan.


For her study, Kristen 1st visited Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago–her adoptive mom had recommended to follow it. Next, Kish obtained her Associate’s qualification in culinary arts.

Dating Status

Kish is living her life being a fully lesbian character—Kristen got out by an Instagram post in 2014.
Speaking regarding her involvement, Kish is an engaged woman—her partner’s name is Bianca. Both became engaged on 29th September 2019. Kristen and Biance started their love life in early 2019.
Ere Kish engaged with Bianca, Kristen was in a tie with Jacqueline Westbrook.

Kish’s Time On ‘Top Chef’

Kristen started to learn cooking from a young life. At the age of 5th, Kish managed to see cooking programs and studied how to handle a knife, and so on. Later Kristen served the culinary school, her interest in cooking became more. Furthermore, when her previous boss, Barbara Lynch, suggested her lead role in Top Chef, Kish chose to provide it a chance. In 2012, Kristen entered the program, Kish grew hard and trained to give the Restaurant Wars series—sadly, Kristen was fired during the round.
Anyway, Kish took an extra opportunity and competed in the Last Adventure Kitchen. There, Kristen took 5th additional opponents and succeeded in being in the finals of Top Chef. At the finals, Kish fought opposite Brooke Williamson and superbly got the title of Top Chef.

Life Facts of Kristen Kish

  1. Throughout her high school times, Kish managed to make modeling. Kristen also confirmed by the modeling company called Elite.
  2. Kish worked as a chef de cuisine at Stir from 2012 to 2014.
    Ere coming out, Kristen had already known regarding her sexuality to her special friends and family members. After her release in 2014, Kish worked to advocate for LGBTQ benefits.
  3. Kristen has hosted the 2015’s TV program titled 36 Hours. Additionally, Kish retired judge of the reality television set, Chopped Junior (2016).
  4. Kristen’s cookbook issued in October 2017.
  5. Kish has given her debut in the 2018’s TV series called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.
  6. Kristen looked at the State Street store and celebrated Macy’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.