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Lao Rongzhi Wiki – Biography

Lao Rongzhi is a chines woman whoes accused of killing seven people has gone on trial in southeastern China after spending more than 20 years on the run.

Lao Rongzhi Age

Lao Rongzhi is 46-years-old.

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Charged & Arrested

She is charged with murder, kidnapping and robbery for allegedly luring businessman Xiong Qiyi — who she met at a nightclub — to a rented apartment in 1996 where he was murdered. Lao and Fa then allegedly robbed his home and killed his wife and daughter, the news outlet reported.

She is also charged for her alleged involvement a year later in the murder and robbery of nightclub workers Liang Xiaochun and Liu Suqing, according to the report.

In July 1996, Lao and Fa allegedly murdered two more men in a bid to get ransom money from one of them, Yin Jianhua — another businessman that Lao met at a nightclub and allegedly lured to his death, the outlet reported.

In July 1999, Fa was executed for murder, kidnapping and robbery after he was caught trying to collect ransom money from Yin’s wife, who managed to call the cops when the duo thought she was getting the cash, the news site reported.

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Yin was found dead in an apartment after a neighbor reported a smell, but it was unclear if he was murdered or starved, since Fa repeatedly changed his story to the cops, the outlet reported.

Fa — who met Lao in 1993 when she was a elementary school teacher — helped Lao evade capture after lying to cops when he was arrested.

The widow of another victim, carpenter Lu Zhongmin, was in the courtroom Monday, Yahoo News reported.

The widow’s lawyer, Liu Jingjie, told the courtroom that the carpenter’s “mother cried so much that she went blind.

“The murders changed the destiny of the family. The three children were all very bright but none could finish their school,” the lawyer said, according to Yahoo News.

Lao was arrested in November last year in a shopping mall in the southeastern city of Xiamen, and was charged with murder, robbery, and kidnapping, according to Chinese authorities.
On Monday, Lao told the court that she had been “living in darkness” for the past two decades. She added that she can “finally sleep peacefully” and no longer lives in fear of being caught by the police, according to Beijing Youth Daily.
Zhu Dahong, the wife of one of Lao’s victims, said that it was “difficult to accept such an apology,” Beijing Youth Daily reported.
“The pain we suffered in the past two decades cannot be brushed away by an apology,” Zhu said.

Expressed Her Apologies

Lao Rongzhi, 46, appeared in the Nanchang Intermediate People’s Court in Jiangxi province on Monday, according to a statement posted by the court on its official Weibo social media account. Lao “expressed her apologies” to the victims’ families and claimed she was a “victim,” who was forced to help her boyfriend, convicted murderer Fa Ziying, out of fear, state-run newspaper Beijing Youth Daily reported.
Fa was arrested in July 1999. He was convicted of seven murders and executed in December that year, state media reported.
“The two conspired and had a clear division of labor,” the Nanchang court statement alleges. “They jointly committed crimes of robbery, kidnapping and intentional homicide in Nanchang, Wenzhou, Changzhou and Hefei.”
Lao told the court that Fa’s methods were “very cruel” and that during her relationship with him, she suffered physical and mental abuse, and two miscarriages, Beijing Youth Daily reported. Lao and Fa were in a relationship between 1996 and 1999, according to the Nanchang Intermediate People’s Court statement.
Following Fa’s arrest, Lao used multiple aliases to abscond across the country. She traveled to different cities, and made a living by doing part-time jobs in bars and other entertainment venues, according to a statement released by the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau last year. She also had surgery to change her appearance to avoid arrest, according to state broadcaster CCTV.