Who is Lawrence Rudolph? Wiki, Biography, Age, Dentist, Accused Of Killing His Wife

Lawrence Rudolph
Lawrence Rudolph

Lawrence Rudolph Biography – Wiki

Lawrence Rudolph, in a conspiracy to collect millions of dollars in life insurance money, a Pennsylvania dentist and big game hunter named Lawrence Rudolph is accused of killing his wife during a hunting expedition in Zambia in 2016.

According to a federal criminal complaint acquired by CBS 2, big game hunter Lawrence Rudolph allegedly shot and killed his wife Bianca Finizio Rudolph on a trip to Zambia in 2016, then claimed nearly $5 million in insurance benefits.


Lawrence Rudolph is 67-years-old, and his wife Bianca Finizio Rudolph has died at the age of 34-years-old.

Accused of Killing His Wife

Authorities said Rudolph, who created and runs Three Rivers Dental in Pittsburgh, rushed to cremate his wife’s remains in Africa just days after her death.

He has now been charged with murder in a foreign country and mail fraud.

Federal investigators say Rudolph made life insurance claims through seven different life insurance companies for a $4.8 million payout for his wife’s death, which was ruled accidental by California law enforcement officials. Zambia.

A local dentist has been charged with mail fraud, but investigators also say Lawrence Rudolph killed his wife while on an African safari to collect millions of dollars in life insurance money.

Bianca was shot in the chest with a shotgun on October 11, 2016, at 5:30 AM. m. local time.

Rudolph told Zambian authorities that when he heard a shot he was in the bathroom of her apartment and Bianca was in the bedroom area.

The dentist stated that when he left the bathroom he found his wife lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from her chest.

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He told police that he thought the shotgun had been left loaded on a hunt the day before and had gone off when she tried to put it away.

A professional hunting guide was on site. According to reports, “he remembered seeing the shotgun and an expanded shell on the ground. “The shotgun was inside a partially sealed gun case.”

Rodolfo and his wife, both highly experienced big-game hunters, had traveled to Africa numerous times on hunting trips.

On this particular outing, Bianca’s purpose was to kill a leopard. She didn’t get the leopard from her, but she did kill “several other creatures”. Rudolph accompanied the group but did not participate in the hunt.