Who was Lil Kawaii? Wiki, Biography, Age, Rapper, Cause of Death, Friend Lil Tracy Warns Against Fake Drugs

Lil Kawaii
Lil Kawaii

Lil Kawaii Biography – Wiki

Lil Kawaii, On August 28, the news of the death of musician Lil Kawaii started doing the rounds on social media. No sooner did that happen than a good friend and fellow rapper Lil Tracy paid a tribute to him. Many fans of Lil Kawaii were shocked to discover the news of his death. Lil Kawaii’s fans and friends took to Twitter and Instagram to share their condolences over his passing him.


Lil Kawaii’s age is unknown.

Cause of Death

One person tweeted: “RIP #LilKawaii Just for the few minutes we were able to talk, I knew you were a good soul and I will never forget you or your music.” The US-based musician created rap music with a loyal following of 22.8 followers. K on Instagram (@_lilkawaii_). Another user wrote: “Rest easy, boy #lilkawaii”. But when his friend Lil Tracy shared the update to millions of his followers, that’s when news of his death reached everyone.

R.I.P #LilKawaii Just for the few minutes we had to talk I knew you were a good soul and I will never forget you or your music pic.twitter.com/Ywa4CjMRpy

It was when Lil Kawaii’s friend Lil Tracy, who can be found on Instagram @tracyminajj with 1.1 million followers, took to Instagram to share a post titled “LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU ♾ ♾♾♾♾ RIP LIL KAWAII ”.

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In another post, she wrote: “Can’t believe you’re gone, I love you so much, you were my real twin brother, dead ass slept on the floor together, all kinds of shit, I love you forever, my twin RIP LIL KAWAII ♾ “.

While there is no official report or announcement of the real reason behind Lil Kawaii’s death, Lil Tracy’s emotional video suggests that his death could be related to drugs. Another artist named Lalonie took to Twitter to say that she’d lost two friends in the last week from an overdose and wrote, “RIP LIL KAWAII”. “Three days ago, my friend Inju passed away from an overdose. Last night, I hosted her vigil. This morning, I woke up to the news of another friend dying from an overdose. Please take care of your friends & keep them safe. Would ‘t wish this pain on anyone? RIP INJU & RIP LIL KAWAII, “she wrote.

Both these updates point to the possibility that Lil Kawaii’s death was drug-related. MEAWW will update this story as and when official news is made available.


On his Instagram stories, Lil Tracy posted many photos of him along with Lil Kawaii – either them together or of the deceased musician in work mode. Going by their pictures together, it looks like the two were not only working alongside each other but we’re also really close friends. The death seems to have affected Lil Tracy a lot. Remembering his friend de Ella from him, over one of the images he wrote, “I can’t f *** ing believes this sh ** rest in peace to my twin brother I can’t believe this sh **, I love you so much. ”

So what happened? How did Lil Kawaii die?

Lil Tracy also took to Instagram stories following the news and said to his followers, “Stop taking fake drugs.” In the video, one can see him emotionally torn, crying over Lil Kawaii’s death de Ella and then giving the advice. After which, he breaks down the wand goes off the frame. With more than 2.3K people watching the live upload, he repeats the message at the end of the video before taking a deep drag of a cigarette and then logging off.

You can watch the video here:


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