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Logan Dorn
Logan Dorn

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Logan Dorn is a TikToker who was accused of trying to police what women should wear on the beach and has responded to the backlash with his “side of the story.” However, he only became the object of more teasing after remembering how pornography “destroyed” him when he was a child.


Logan Dorn’s age is unclear.

Accused & TikToker Policing Women’s Beachwear Says Porn

Logan Dorn sparked outrage on social media on Tuesday, September 9, after sharing a TikTok video, which he also posted on his Facebook and Instagram. He was forced to disable the comment section on his TikTok video, which went viral for the wrong reasons. The original video saw Dorn telling two women that what they were wearing on the beach was “pornography” and recommended that they wear something that would “cover [her from his] body from him.”

In the clip, the women said they were in their early 18s and in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dorn began the video by noting that he was in a reservoir where there were visitors of different age groups, from adults to teenagers and children from 6 to 9 years old. He explained that after getting out of the water, his family insisted on moving because there were “college-age women here who are showing too much.”

“Right at that moment, a righteous anger washed over me, and also a boldness on the part of the Holy Spirit to stand up to these women, to speak the truth that, ‘Hey, what you’re wearing is not right for a 9-year-old. or a 6-year-old ”, he added.

Dorn later stated that he was “introduced to pornography at a young age” and that he “destroyed” it. “And at that moment, the just anger to defend and protect the eyes of the young washed over me,” he continued. “I’m not going to apologize,” he said, saying that society was deteriorating because “pornography and lust are at an all-time high.” He also launched a transphobic tirade and fired non-binary people, according to the Daily Dot.

Social Media

Unsurprisingly, it caused quite a stir on social media. Some users accused him of surveilling women and making excuses when caught red-handed. “Dude, your wife caught you staring at other women, and now you’re doing this whole charade to pretend you were staring in horror at her bathing suits,” one joked. “You are fake”.

“Just admit that you were looking at the women on the beach like a pervert and that they caught you, so you try to make up that the reason was that they offended you,” wrote another. Following the backlash, Dorn limited himself to commenting on the post. Several observers told him that God would not approve of his views. “That boldness was not the Holy Spirit. That was your own perverted, misogynistic, patriarchal shit that spread all over the place, ”one commented. “God is so disappointed in you.”

“This is not persecution. This is not an attack on his faith. This is not “canceling the culture” or a violation of your right to free speech or proof of a society in decline. This is a responsibility, “intervened another.” You have such a twisted view of what the Father calls us to do, that is why people turn away from Christ. That’s why people don’t want to have anything to do with the church, “one user commented on his Instagram video.

Dorn also faced considerable backlash on Twitter. “Logan Dorn is the dude in charge of policing women’s bodies (I bet he ‘hates’ the way groups like the Taliban treat women),” wrote one Twitter user. “Logan Dorn from Colorado needs to shut up and sit down,” added another.

Nonetheless, Dorn continued to duplicate follow-up videos of him posted on his social media. In one of them, he rejected comments about him looking at women and being a controlling fiancé, saying that his relationship was based on the truth and on Jesus. He added that he “couldn’t be further from the truth” than he was looking at women.