Who is Madison Bell? Wiki, Biography, Age, Missing, Searching, Report

Who is Madison Bell? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Missing, Searching, Investigation Report

Madison Bell Wiki – Biography

On May 17th, about 10:30 in the morning, 18-year-old Madison Bell gave her Ross County house in middle Ohio to move to a tanning job in the nearby Highland County, according to the Wilmington News Journal. She nevermore gave up for the job. Hours following, Bell had not delivered homeward, helping her family to register a missing person statement.
Bell is superior at Edward Lee McClain High School. Madison’s graduation is listed for May 22nd.

Madison Bell Age

Madison Bell is 18 years old.

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While Bell did not return home, police traced her telephone to the parking area of Good Shepherd Church, wherever her car discovered opened with the keys in the combustion.
“She screamed, ‘I’m going to cover naturally. I’ll be right back.’ and I was like, ‘Okay, be calm,’” recollects Bell’s mom, Melissa Montavon. “She went and I haven’t learned from her since.”
Montavon has since been working on Facebook, asking anyone with knowledge to become in brush with code execution. In a Facebook post, she signed, “I cannot provide a summary of what she was using. I was washing when she changed dresses and went, and called mom, I’m running to burn and I’ll be honest back.”
“She would Nevermore be also a several times late from where she was working without calling or texting me,” asserts Montavon in her post. “A duo of personalities witnessed a tall white man approx late ’20s to early ’30s who was in the church parking area ago 10 am with a white car… he had a polo shirt and the car had California license services according to eyewitnesses.”
Bell defined as 5’6″ or 5’7″ and weighs among 120 and 125 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and she told to have a swastika tattooed on her neck and spirit tattooed on her bottom. The Wilmington News Journal stated that Bell was covering a t-shirt and black leggings and/or Star Wars pants with brown shoes and a black North Face coat. Police put a white vehicle with California remains in the church parking area and are seeking evidence that meets the car’s information.


The Highland County and Ross County Sheriff’s Offices and the Greenfield Police Department have been actively reviewing Bell’s departure. Police were shifted off regarding a white car. But more inquiry decided that it was not the car in the issue.
“When a parent’s daughter goes missing in this situation it becomes a matter for everybody in society. Declared Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera in an interview with Fox19. “We’re a little society and the society is getting collectively powerful and everybody is actively looking for Madison at this time. We expect that we hear from her promptly and discover out that she’s ok.”
On Sunday evening, the society made a research company. The Scioto Valley Guardian issued a video to Facebook of Bell’s mom asking for her daughter to pass carefully. The Ohio Attorney General has named Bell as “lost, damaged, or missing.”
“Whoever has her, take her house to her family,” Montavon states. “This is not correct. You don’t know her and not take her house. She wants to be behind the home where she’s secure. She requires to be here to complete her graduation week with her superior friends, so please return her.”

Investigation Report

Those with data required to call the Highland County Sheriff’s office at (937) 393-1421 or the Ross County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 773-1185.