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Maxwell Berry

Maxwell Berry Biography – Wiki

Maxwell Berry is an Ohio man who was taped up by crew members on a Frontier Airlines flight to Florida after being accused of assaulting and groping three flight attendants. According to his LinkedIn profile, Berry worked on the field team at an Ohio golf course and waited at a restaurant while in college. According to a profile now removed from the school’s website, Berry was a member of the Ohio Wesleyan golf team.

Berry was also involved in Greek life in college and received an award for being a “perfect role model” and for leading the “fight to dismantle fraternity stereotypes,” shows a Zoom video posted by Ohio Wesleyan.

Ohio Wesleyan told The New York Times in a statement: “Ohio Wesleyan is saddened to learn of this situation from one of our graduates. The case does not involve the university and the incidents described do not reflect Ohio Wesleyan values. ”


Maxwell Berry is 22-years-old.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Maxwell Berry graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, with degrees in financial economics and finance. Berry is from Norwalk, Ohio, according to his Facebook profile.

Maxwell Berry Facing Multiple Misdemeanor Charges

Maxwell Berry is an Ohio man who was taped up by crew members on a Frontier Airlines flight to Florida after being accused of assaulting and groping three flight attendants. On a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, 2021, the incident was caught on video.

Berry, 22, faces multiple misdemeanor charges, the Miami-Dade Police Department said. According to police, Berry was charged with groping two flight attendants and hitting a flight attendant in the face, according to police. He has seen in the now-viral video yelling during the incident that his parents are worth “two million damn dollars.”

Max Berry was on Frontier Airlines Flight 2289 from Philadelphia to Miami, which left Philadelphia around 10:40 p.m. Saturday and landed in Florida two hours and 37 minutes later, according to a police report obtained by The New York Times. Police said in the report that Berry had had two alcoholic drinks on the flight and ordered the third drink from him.

According to police, Berry touched a flight attendant’s butt with her empty cup and she said, “Don’t touch me.” Police said in their report that Berry spilled his third drink on himself and went to the bathroom from seat 28D, and left there shirtless. A flight attendant told him that he needed to be fully clothed and helped him find a shirt in his carry-on, police said.

While walking through the cabin, Berry is accused of touching the breasts of another flight attendant before being told not to touch her and to sit down, police said. Berry is also accused of grabbing her breasts a second time and also touching the other stewardess’s breasts. According to the video and the police report, a male flight attendant tried to get Berry to sit up and Berry hit him with a clenched fist. He then was immobilized.

Frontier Airlines Said in a Statement

Frontier Airlines said in a statement: “During a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, a passenger made inappropriate physical contact with two flight attendants and subsequently physically assaulted another flight attendant. As a result, it was necessary to restrain the passenger until the flight landed in Miami and law enforcement arrived. ”

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A second statement added: “Frontier Airlines maintains the utmost value, respect, concern, and support for all of our flight attendants, including those who were attacked on this flight. We support the needs of these team members and are working with law enforcement to fully support the prosecution of the passenger involved. The current paid leave status of crew members on board is in line with an event of this nature pending investigation. ”

Berry Was Restrained By Passengers

Berry was restrained by passengers and crew members with duct tape and seat belt extenders, according to the police report. He was arrested when the plane landed at Miami International Airport.

Frontier Airlines received backlash after saying in its opening statement that the crew members restraining Berry had been suspended pending an investigation. The statement read: “Flight attendants, as required in such circumstances, will be relieved of flying until an investigation is completed.” The airline also initially said that “proper policies were not followed to restrict a passenger.”

The flight attendants union issued a statement criticizing Frontier. The president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Sara Nelson, said in the statement:

Flight Attendants have faced an onslaught of disruptions on our flights this year. The situation on Frontier this weekend is one of the worst examples. A drunk and irate passenger verbally, physically, and sexually assaulted multiple members of the crew. When he refused to comply after multiple attempts to de-escalate, the crew was forced to restrain the passenger with the tools available to them on board. We are supporting the crew.

Incident Detail

The incident involving Berry is the latest in a series of passenger disruptions to flights. Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the flight attendants union have issued statements in recent months drawing attention to the problem, which has become more prevalent as travel increases amid easing COVID restrictions. 19 and the rise in coronavirus vaccines.

While police say Berry is not expected to face federal criminal charges, the FAA could impose a large fine as a result of his conduct and he could be banned from flying.

The FAA said in May 2021: “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US Department of Transportation has proposed civil penalties ranging from $ 9,000 to $ 15,000 against five airline passengers for allegedly interfering and, in two cases, assaulting flight attendants who ordered them to obey cabin crew instructions and various federal regulations. ”

The statement continued: “The enforcement actions announced today are part of the FAA’s zero-tolerance policy for unruly and dangerous passenger behavior. Since January 1, 2021, the FAA has received approximately 2,500 reports of unruly passenger behavior, including about 1,900 reports of passengers refusing to comply with the federal mask mandate. ”

After Berry’s arrest, the FAA told The New York Times it would be investigating, adding that “cabin crew is responsible for deciding how to respond to unruly passenger incidents” and declined to comment on the individual incident.


Berry was charged with three misdemeanors of assault. According to police, the FBI refused to investigate the case on possible federal felony charges. He was booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail and his bond was set at $ 1,500, according to online court records. He is no longer listed in the prison inmate database.

Berry could face up to a year in jail, along with fines and probation, if he is convicted of first-degree misdemeanor assault charges, under Florida state law.

According to court records, Berry’s next hearing date has not been set. It is not known if he has retained an attorney who can speak on his behalf and could not be reached for comment. Berry’s family also could not be reached by Heavy for comment.