Who is Mikayla Kingman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death,

Who is Mikayla Kingman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Instagram, Net Worth

Mikayla Kingman Wiki – Biography

Mikayla Kingman was Known as a Massachusetts-based bodybuilder. Up continuously in May 2017, Kingman managed a coaching, food. Lifestyle brand through a Facebook page, Trainer Mikayla Kingman. The last update on that page began on June 9th, 2017.
In the bio part of a blog affiliated with her lifestyle brand, Kingman told her she grew involved in lifting and conditioning in high school. This happened next Kingman ripped her ACL double. Kingman wrote, “This is what drove me to improve and raise my body perfectly to stop damages in the future.” Kingman added that by the time she moved high school, she was being a health-conscious lifestyle.

Mikayla Kingman Age

Mikayla Kingman has expired at the age of 23. Kingman was born in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on October 1st, 1996.

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Boyfriend (Branden Tyler)

At the time of her passing, Kingman was residing in Florida. Kingman was in a bond with fellow bodybuilder Branden Tyler. The couple had been collected since the summer of 2017. Kingman posted a photo of the couple in June 2019, writing on Facebook:

How’d I gone very lucky?! Three years with my most loyal friend. I’m very thankful to have you in my life! You forever understand how to set a smile on my look. Every single day with you becomes more reliable and more enjoyable. We’re in this battle commonly babe, I love you always & forever.

Cause of Death

Mikayla Kingman, a Massachusetts-based bodybuilder, has expired at the age of 23. Kingman’s death occurred shortly after fellow bodybuilder Luke Sandoe got his personal life. Sandoe expired beginning in May 2020.
Kingman’s announcement says that she “passed away surprisingly” on May 10th, 2020. The recognition represents Kingman as “an incentive to all, her laugh would brighten up a room.” Kingman’s announcement asks that remembering donations be presented in her name to Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
In 2017, Kingman scored three first-place closes at the NPC Jay Cutler Classic in the development sector. At the time of her achievements, Kingman wrote on Instagram:
I need to appreciate everyone, without you all thinking in me and driving me past my boundaries I wouldn’t be being here right now. Therefore many people appreciate from family to friends, you’ve all urged me to be the healthiest me!
Kingman’s trainer from that time, Justin Randall, gave tribute to Kingman following her passing. Randall said in section:
She was one of the most delicious, soft-spoken, hardest going young women that I had always met. We haven’t talked in quite some time…but I’ll be eternally thankful that she took me as a trainer and also a friend-and the memories we experienced in that little time.


Kingman’s last Instagram post came on May 8th. The picture gave a sunset above water. It followed by the title, “Life requires no filter also on its darkest days.” At the time of her passing, Kingman was residing in Florida.