Who Is Moe McLeod? Wiki, Biography, Age, Arrested For Assaulting a Woman with Abolish ICE’ Sticker

Moe McLeod
Moe McLeod

Moe McLeod Biography – Wiki

Moe McLeod is a former Marine, whose real name is Moe Darling McLeod, he was arrested and booked for verbally and physically assaulting a buyer in Astoria, Oregon on August 8. Video footage taken by Alyssa Cuellar shows McLeod and her husband insulting her, allegedly over a bumper sticker she had on her car, with the words “abolish ICE.” Cuellar uploaded the entire incident to Facebook before police intervened and arrested McLeod.

According to a press release, McLeod lives in Ilwaco, Washington. Reportedly, both she and her husband Vince are former Marines. International Business Times reported that she is a “Certified Feng Shui Professional”, but we could not confirm this. McLeod doesn’t appear to have a Facebook page, so we couldn’t learn more about it. Cuéllar posted on Facebook that she “works with disabled children and has fired a former employee of hers because she was vaccinated.” Again, we were unable to confirm this information. The couple is believed to have a disabled young son, who was also at the scene of the assault.


Moe McLeod is 57-years-old.

Moe McLeod Husband

We know that her husband worked as a real estate broker at Long Beach Realty in Long Beach Washington. However, he was fired in 2020. “We would like to inform you that more than a year ago, Machelle took over Long Beach Realty and parted ways with Vince.

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Here at Long Beach Realty, we do not tolerate or condone such behavior. . “the company said in a Facebook statement. It is unclear if he is employed elsewhere at this time. Like his wife, Vince doesn’t seem to have a public presence on social media, so we weren’t able to learn more about him.

Arrested For Assaulting a Woman with Abolish ICE’ Sticker

The McLeod attack is not an isolated incident. Across the United States, numerous cases have emerged of people attacking, both physically and verbally, other people for their political opinions. In July, a black woman was attacked by a white woman at a Victoria’s Secret in New Jersey, leading to the white woman being nicknamed ‘Take her off me, Karen.’ The same month, a woman in Las Vegas racially abused an Asian woman and beat her six-year-old son. In early March, a racist tirade led to a woman in Arizona being attacked by Bath and Body Works staff.

We have also reported numerous cases of people attacked for wearing MAGA hats, showing that the violence is not one-way. As American politics becomes more polarized, physical and verbal attacks become much more frequent. Thanks to social media, the perpetrators are also easier to see and identify. This is how we know that McLeod was responsible. Cuéllar uploaded her arrest record to Facebook after she was booked.

A search for both names does not show any other arrests or notable cases, so this is likely the first time they have made the news. An old article uploaded by Cuellar indicates that the couple got married in July 2019, but we were unable to verify this as the link appears to have since been removed. On August 8, Cuellar was shopping when Vince passed her vehicle. Vince then yelled, “Abolish the ice? Fuck you, you little idiot,” prompting Cuellar to start filming the couple. “Shortly after I started filming, his wife, Moe, came out and started harassing me for my choice to film,” Cuellar posted on Facebook. The video shows McLeod saying, “‘That my husband, he’s a Marine. He’s not going to touch your car, you little idiot.” Cuéllar then noticed her son and replied: “Great example for her son.”

McLeod asked Cuellar to stop recording and added, “It’s America, bitch!” McLeod then walks away when Cuellar tells a passerby, “I didn’t do anything, they just started harassing me for no damn reason.” McLeod then turned around and hit Cuellar, knocking her to the ground. Cuéllar said the assault “made me feel sore and bruised, in addition to her damaging my phone, physically assaulting me and breaking my keys, along with my wallet and an attempt to break my glasses.” Cuellar then runs back to her car and dials 911.

On August 11, McLeod was arrested and booked by Astoria Police at the Clatsop County Jail. She faces charges of assault in the fourth degree, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief. The first is a felony, while the other two are misdemeanors. The Clatsop County District Attorney will prosecute the case. It is unclear when McLeod should appear in court. Vince McLeod has not been arrested, according to reports.