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Morgan Sessions
Morgan Sessions

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Morgan Sessions, With the Gabby Petito case highlighting missing persons, there are now numerous cases in the headlines. The latest to do so is Morgan Sessions of Eagle Mountain, Utah. Sessions reportedly disappeared without a trace on September 20, leaving behind his wallet, phone, and all other belongings. Interestingly, he disappeared sometime in the night after a normal day with his parents.


Morgan Sessions is 17-years-old.

Missing Since Frim Home

Sessions left home without his phone, wallet at some point in the night, ‘something’s wrong, I’m just sorry,’ says the mother as police begin to search.

Unlike the case of Alanna Caurice Warrick, there is no trace of how Sessions disappeared. As of now, there is no identified person of interest either. Complicating the case is the fact that Sessions left her wallet and phone at home, making it very difficult to trace her. As with Brian Laundrie, police appear to be relying on CCTV and other sightings to locate the teenager. The family has now turned to the public for help, highlighting their story in the media.

“I think about her non-stop. If she’s okay. If someone is feeding her. If she’s being hurt, if she’s alive,” Sessions’ mother Rebecca Davis said. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is leading the search for Sessions, but the family is also conducting its own investigation. They’ve had little luck so far, prompting Davis to say, “There’s something wrong, I’m just sorry. There’s something wrong.”

Sessions are believed to be in and around Eagle Mountain, a city 40 miles from the capital of Salt Lake City. The family is focusing their search on Eagle Mountain and the town of St. Geroge some 300 miles away. Located near the Arizona border, the family believes Sessions may have come to the city of St. George due to “family ties.” However, it is unclear how she would have made her trip, given that she left her wallet and her car at home.

Meanwhile, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is busy talking to family members, co-workers, and scanning phone records for clues to the teenager’s whereabouts. The family has also done considerable groundwork, checking cameras at gas stations, Starbucks, and even homeless shelters. But so far there have been no sightings of Sessions. “I just wish I could hold her and tell her that I’m looking for her and I won’t stop,” Davis told KUTV.

The case has attracted considerable media attention due to the suddenness and bizarreness of Sessions’ disappearance. According to her parents, the day before her disappearance was a perfectly normal day. Davis helped her daughter with her homework and then went to bed. “In the morning, she was gone. She had left her backpack with the homework we had done inside. She put down her purse, put down her phone. Her school Chromebook, her personal Chromebook. Things she spent a lot of time and money on to earn Davis noted.

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Davis added that Morgan was highly unlikely to give up her phone or car, given that she had spent “months saving it.” She, too, had just started a new job and was “planning her future after high school.” He also worries the family that Sessions “is a confident person who always finds the best in others.” He worries that it may have been used against him.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. So far, the police do not appear to have leads and have not commented to the press.