Who are Norbert Chung & Trevor Chung? Wiki, Biography, Age, Charged, Arrested for using Fake COVID-19 Passports

Norbert Chung
Norbert Chung

Norbert Chung Biography – Wiki

Norbert Chung is a California father and his son flew to Hawaii on vacation, only to be arrested at the airport and jailed after allegedly showing officials fake COVID-19 passports.


Norbert Chung is 57-years-old.

Arrested for using Fake COVID-19 Passports to Fly to Hawaii

Norbert Chung, 57, and Trevor Chung, 19, were arrested at the Honolulu airport on Sunday and charged with attempting to circumvent the isolated state’s Safe Travel Program with false documentation, according to local media KHON.

The arrests are the first of their kind in Aloha state, which has been dealing with rising COVID-19 cases this month, according to the report.

Ongoing travel restrictions require visitors to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to avoid a 10-day quarantine.

Prosecutors said the arrests were made after receiving a tip from a community member, the television station reported.

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“To come to Hawaii and spend thousands of dollars on a trip, hotel and airfare and the money that you are going to spend to enjoy paradise, you are going to risk that and spend even more money, because you put yourself, your family and others in danger, “said Arthur Logan, special agent of criminal investigations of the Department of the Attorney General.

After the Chungs were arrested, they flew back to California and tested negative for COVID-19, then returned to Hawaii, where they were going through the court system, his attorney told the station.

It is unclear why the father and son allegedly resorted to false documentation, or why they reportedly flew back to the mainland for their coronavirus tests.

Anyone found guilty of falsifying vaccination documents is subject to a $ 5,000 fine and/or a year in prison, the article says.

The Attorney General’s office created a task force to crack down on violators when travel restrictions were implemented last year.


“As part of that task force, our job is to investigate community complaints about what is happening with visitors who may or may not be cooperating,” Logan told the station.

“There are multiple investigations that we have and continue to do. This is the first to culminate in arrests like the ones we have, but that doesn’t mean there is more to follow. ”