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Otis Perkins

Otis Perkins Biography – Wiki

Otis Perkins was a weightlifter known as the “Black Tom Cruise” who has died. Perkins was born on May 22, 1982, and lived in Brooklyn, New York. He had competed in weightlifting since 2015. According to Open Powerlifting, his last encounter was the 2020 Heatwave Dead Weight competition as part of the 140-kilogram class. She only competed in the deadlift portion of the match and lifted 342.5 kilograms (755 pounds). The best lifts of her career are below.


Otis Perkins has died at the age of 39-years-old.

Career-Best Lifts

Squat: 620 pounds (281 kg)
Bench press: 195 kgs (430 pounds)
Deadweight: 356 kgs (785 pounds)
Weightlifting stroke total: 832 kgs (1,835 lbs).

While he was a competitor himself, Perkins ‘recognition in the sport as often as one of Williams’ first sparring partners and friends. Perkins was also sponsored by Williams’ “Personal Record” brand. Williams had recently moved to New York City from Dubai in order to prepare for his return to the weightlifting competition next September.

Cause Of Death (Car Accident)

Otis Perkins was a weightlifter known as the “Black Tom Cruise” who died at age 39 after injuries sustained in a car accident.

Larry “Wheels” Williams, who was his training partner, confirmed the news in an Instagram post. Williams wrote on July 24, 2021: “R.I.P @black_tom_cruise. The man-made everyone laugh. The funniest man I have ever met. He possessed all the traits of a GREAT friend. I love him and have him closer to almost everyone I know. It hurts to accept that he is gone. No matter what life threw at him, he kept a smile and his head held high. Otis Perkins, we will miss you. ”

On July 11, Otis was involved in a car accident. The social media influencer was rushed to the hospital where he underwent back and right eye surgery.

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A GoFundMe page was created to help Otis. However, after the surgery, the social media star suffered a high fever and lung complications from pneumonia. According to his fiancé, Lynn Wilson, Otis’s lungs couldn’t get enough oxygen and his heart gave up.

As of yet, no details about the memorial service have been released. However, Lynn added that she will share details about it soon. For now, Otis’s family has requested privacy.

According to BarBend.com, Perkins was in a car accident on Sunday, July 11, 2021, “which resulted in his car flipping over while he was inside.”

He was in a convertible with the top down, resulting in injuries to his eyes and back, the site reported. It was believed that he would survive the accident. The official cause of his death has not been released, but BarBend.com reported that he is believed to have died from injuries sustained in that accident.


Fans were shocked after the news of Otis’s death was confirmed. One user wrote: “Damn rest in peace for black tom cruise. he and Larry made me love weightlifting all those years ago with the hype and fun phrases. so damn sad to die so young. ”

Another added: “RIP Otis” Black Tom Cruise “Perkins. My training partner and I almost always imitate his motivational shouts and gestures while training. Only 39. I lost a good influence in the fitness community.”


Perkins died on the morning of July 24, 2021. The cause of death was due to the car accident in which he was the previous week. A GoFundMe page for Perkins raised over $ 38,000. He described the circumstances of his death:

Friends, at 7:37, am this morning Otis Perkins aka BTC passed away and went home to be with the Lord. He had sustained major injuries due to a car accident on 7/11 but due to a high fever and lung complications from pneumonia he couldn’t get enough oxygen to his lungs and his heart gave out. I’m here at the hospital making preparations and will update you on services shortly.

At this time, the family request that you respect their privacy as they prepare for his homegoing service to celebrate his life and legacy. I will provide an update on his memorial as soon as possible and I will include information if you wish to send condolences. I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support during this trying time. Our collective hearts are broken.

The GoFundMe page read: “Hello, as some of you may or may not know, BTC (Black Tom Cruise aka Otis Perkins) was in a major car accident on Sunday, July 11. He underwent surgery on his back and right eye and this recovery. The recovery process will be long and we need your help. Please contribute to her Go-Fund-Me account to show your support and send prayers and positive vibes her way for a speedy recovery. ”

On July 22, there seemed to progress: “I promised to share updates on BTC (Otis) as much as possible. BTC had a constant fever for 4 days, but I am happy to inform you that as of this morning, the fever has subsided and is at a normal temperature. He still has trouble breathing due to pneumonia. He is stable and his doctors are doing everything possible to make sure he receives the best care. Thank you all for the prayers. Please keep it up as it is working. BTC has the POWAA to do it! ”

On his website, Perkins gave his biography, writing,

Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY Black Tom Cruise learned to believe in the ‘POWAA’ of transformation. His personal journey is a testament to positive affirmation and believing in yourself. Born Otis Dean Perkins, the firstborn of Willie and Marie Perkins, Otis aka Black Tom Cruise (BTC), wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth by any means. He lived with his parents and younger sister in a two-bedroom apartment over a hardware store in a tenement building. ‘To say my parents hustled is an understatement.’ Otis’s mother worked two jobs, as domestic help and for a disability facility while his father worked in a hardware store as a delivery driver. ‘My parents worked all the time so my sister and I were on our own. As a young kid, I kept to myself. As long as I had my video games and food I was cool.’

On weightlifting, he wrote: “I’d say I was training for about four years before I started getting serious about weightlifting. Training with those guys helped me a lot. Larry and I met every other day to exercise. We try to inspire each other to achieve our goals. That’s where the POWAA started … He signed up for his first powerlifting meeting on March 22, 2015, and did 690 pounds deadlift, 405 pounds bench press, and 530 pounds squat for a total PR of 1,625 pounds (737 kg). Not bad for a beginner and I was hooked. ”

Last Instagram Post

Perkins’s last post on Instagram was on July 8, 2021. “Deadlift 26 pounds (329.3 kg). Big climb hitting him on KG plates, “he said.

On July 3, he wrote, “It’s going to be a cold summer! The first photo is from last summer and he swipes to see how I look this year. Still approaching final form! ”

In May, he wrote: “I’ve been on the tip of cardio and light lifting a bit more lately, giving my joints a break and most importantly trying to get back on that ice melt trip! Not bad at all for approaching 39 this month! ”