Who Is Ovoo Javer? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Now a Gay Porn Star, Instagram, Net Worth

Ovoo Javer Wiki – Biography

Ovoo Javer” was a Vine video starring Gabriel Hernandez that appeared in 2014.

In the video, Hernandez is asked, “Who’s the hottest Uber driver you’ve ever had?” He replies by saying, “I never went to Oovoo Javer.” During the video, Hernandez loudly chews gum. Hernandez identified himself as the person in the video in a 2017 YouTube clip. Hernandez says that at the time, Uber was not as part of daily life as it is now and he did not know what it was. Hernandez said that the success of the Vine led to him being stopped in the street.

Ovoo Javer Age

Ovoo Javer’s age is unknown.

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 Now a Gay Porn Star Along With His Brother

These days, Hernandez, who sometimes goes by Gabrielle, and is a YouTuber and gay porn star alongside his brother, Daniel, who sometimes goes by Danielle. The brothers both have their own Only Fans pages. Hernandez writes on his page, “I will be uploading my own content where you will be able to see everything.” His brother writes, “Here to make all your fantasy c** true I’ll be posting three times a week or more you won’t be disappointed.” The brothers both charge $13.99 per month. According to their pages, they are based in Miami, Florida. Heavy has reached out to Hernandez’s business inquiry email account for comment.

The brothers share a Twitter account, The Cash Twinss. The cover image on the profile page shows the brothers standing side by side with erect penises. The account features graphic pornographic content showing the brothers engaging in sex acts usually with another partner. Occasionally the pair are shown as Gabrielle and Danielle. The pair more frequently appear as Gabrielle and Danielle on their Instagram page. On their Instagram page, the pair say that they have achieved more than one million video views on YouTube. The brother established the YouTube channel in December 2013. It is described as a lifestyle and fashion channel.


The brother’s pornographic content led to allegations that they were engaging in incest pornography. They addressed the controversy in a June 2020 video titled, “Reacting to my brothers and I’s Incest Porn?!!” The brothers say in the video that they did not plan on becoming the first twin brother gay porn stars.

They say that in January 2019 the brothers needed “more life.” At the time, the brothers were both broke and began create pornographic content. They said in entering pornography they became “physically, mentally and spiritually” happy. They say in the video that porn boils down to “entertainment.”

According to Merriam-Webster, Incest is defined as “sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry.”

The brothers say in the video after reading out a definition of the word, “That means if we’re having sexual intercourse, if we’re sucking each other’s d****, but me and my brother getting this cheese, this money together, is just you guys being haters.” They had that if you think it’s “gross” that the brothers are “getting this money together. Please sign off.” They encourage those who do not enjoy their content to not watch it. The video concludes with the brothers saying, “We love each other in a brotherly way.” They then joke about loving each other in a “sisterly way.”

That video was the last video uploaded to the CashTwinss YouTube channel.