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Pak Ho Biography, Wiki

Pak Ho has been charged with the murder of Pak Ho, an elderly Asian man who died Thursday from injuries sustained in an Oakland attack earlier this week.

The DA alleges that Bailey, 26, “assaulted and robbed” Ho, on Tuesday. Ho had been on his daily morning walk in his neighborhood, Adams Point when Bailey allegedly approached and robbed him.

Many have pointed to former President Donald Trump as fueling the racism against Asian Americans by repeatedly referring to COVID-19 as the “China virus” on the campaign trail and while still in office.

Biden signed an executive order condemning the increasing racism toward the Asian/Pacific Islander community after he was inaugurated in January.


Pak Ho has died at the age of 75-years-old.

Charged With Murder

Teaunte Bailey was charged on multiple felony counts, including murder, in connection to incidents on two different days by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley on Friday.

Bailey has also been implicated in a similar incident that took place last month.

He was also charged on Friday with robbery and assault for allegedly breaking into a senior living apartment and “violently” shoving its 72-year-old resident before stealing their phone and other items.

The DA’s office said that Bailey had been released to home supervision earlier in February after a preliminary hearing for robbery and has multiple prior felony convictions.

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Bailey was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday. It was not immediately clear if he has obtained legal representation or has entered a plea at this time.

Biden called the behavior “un-American” and “wrong.”

“Too often, we’ve turned against one another,” he said. “A mask — the easiest thing to do to save lives — sometimes it divides us. States pitted against one another instead of working with each other. Vicious hate crimes against Asian Americans who have been attacked, harassed, blamed and scapegoated.”

“At this very moment, so many of them, our fellow Americans, they’re on the front lines of this pandemic trying to save lives,” continued Biden. “And still — still — they are forced to live in fear for their lives just walking down streets in America. It’s wrong, it’s un-American and it must stop.”

Citing data from the New York Police Department last month, New York magazine reported that there had been a 1,900 percent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in the city in the past year. An August UN report showed that during an eight-week period from March to May 2020, there were more than 1,800 racist incidents against Asian Americans in the United States, the magazine reported.

Additionally, a report released last September by the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign, which surveyed nearly 1,000 Asian American young adults, found that eight out of 10 respondents expressed anger over the current anti-Asian hate in the United States.

An analysis by Stop AAPI Hate, the youth campaign’s parent organization, found that one in 10 tweets concerning Asian Americans in the months before the 2020 presidential election contained racist or disparaging language.

Cause of Death

Pak Ho was assaulted and robbed during his daily walk on Tuesday and died from his injuries two days later.

“In the course of the robbery, the defendant shoved Mr. Ho to the ground. His head hit the pavement and he suffered a traumatic head injury and brain damage,” the DA’s office said. Ho died of his injuries two days later.