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Patrick Hutchinson, protester Black Lives Matter seen in a viral video transporting an injured white guardian safely over London, said he did it to avoid a “disaster”, according to a report.

“My real goal was to avoid disaster, the story suddenly became” Black Lives Matters, Young Kill Kill Manifesters “. This is the message we were trying to avoid,” Patrick Hutchinson told CNN.

Patrick Hutchinson Personal Trainer

Muay Thai’s personal trainer and fighter went viral after being photographed walking in angry crowds while carrying the apparent rival, who was injured in skirmishes in central London locations on Saturday.

Other Black Lives Matter protesters kissed the injured man as he was safely taken into the crowd, flanked by police in riot gear.

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The man was not immediately identified, but witnesses told Reuters that he was one of the hundreds of right-wing protesters who interrupted the protests by George Floyd.

Patrick Hutchinson Said

Hutchinson told CNN he initially saw the man lying in a fetal position surrounded by protesters. He said that he and his friends had tied a cord around the man before he grabbed him to take him to the police.“I wear it, my friends protect me and the man on my shoulder. He was still suffering from beatings, you can feel people trying to hit him, ”Hutchinson told the network. “There were people who were trying to protect you while they were taking you to the police and I said you are. One of them said, “Thank you. You did a good thing there, ” he added.

Pierre Noah was one of those who helped Hutchinson during the confrontation.“I save two lives there. I save the man who is about to be crushed and beaten. And so I save these boys so that they are sentenced to life,” said Noah, who works for the BBC. as a bodyguard. Hutchinson said he watched the protests because “history was under construction” and it was “obvious” to support the cause. “I want to see equality for all. I am a father, grandfather and I would like to see my young children, my grandchildren, my nieces, my nephews have a better world than the one I lived in, “said Hutchinson. “The world I live in was better than my grandparents and parents and I hope we can continue until we have full equality for all,” he added.