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Peter Madsen Wiki – Biography

Peter Madsen had denied killing the 30-year-old and insisted that she died accidentally during a visit to his home-made submarine at Copenhagen Harbour on 10 August last year.

A Danish man convicted of torturing and murdering a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine escaped the suburban Copenhagen jail where he is serving a life sentence but was found nearby on Tuesday.

Police said they had arrested a man near the jail and later confirmed it was Madsen. Pictures from the scene showed armed police surrounding him near the prison west of Copenhagen.

Madsen is serving a life sentence for the murder and mutilation of Wall, who was killed aboard his submarine in 2017.
Wall, a promising 30-year-old journalist, was last seen boarding Madsen’s self-built submarine in Copenhagen on August 10, 2017, when she had planned to interview him for an upcoming article.

She disappeared and her torso washed up on an island near Copenhagen on August 21. Her head and legs were found weeks later.

Madsen is a Danish entrepreneur, engineer, and convicted murderer. In April 2018 he was convicted of the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his submarine, UC3 Nautilus, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Madsen was born in 1971 to Annie and Carl Madsen. He lived his first years in Sæby and Høng, Denmark. Annie was more than 30 years younger than Carl and had three other boys from two previous men. Carl was allegedly abusive toward his three stepsons. Annie left when Peter was 6, taking the children with her. After a couple of years, Madsen returned to his father, with whom he shared an interest in rockets.

Peter Madsen Age

Peter Madsen is 49-years-old.

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Accused & Charged

Madsen was found guilty on all three charges he faced: premeditated murder, the indecent handling of a corpse and “sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature,” evidenced by stab wounds inside and outside Wall’s genital area.
He consistently denied charges of murder and sexual assault, claiming Wall died by accident from carbon dioxide poisoning, although he admitted to dismembering her body and tossing it into the sea in a state of panic.

The man imprisoned for life for sexually assaulting and murdering a journalist on board his homemade submarine has been captured after attempting to escape from prison.

According to Danish media reports the man is Peter Madsen, who was jailed for the killing of Swedish journalist Kim Wall in August 2017.

Video on Swedish news channel Expressen shows a man sitting against a fence with two police officers training their guns on him.

Danish broadcaster DR says police confirmed to them the man involved in the escape is Peter Madsen.

Vestegnens Police said on Twitter a man had been arrested after an escape attempt, and has been removed from the scene.

Danish police have said a man has been arrested after an attempted escape and the area has been cordoned off.

Local media reported the situation continued for at least an hour but the convict has now been driven away by officers.

Photos from the scene in Albertslund, Copenhagen, show Madsen sitting against a fence surrounded by armed police.

Two officers lie on their stomachs on the ground in front of him and it looks like he is wearing a belt-like object around his stomach.

Madsen had threatened prison guards with a “pistol-like object” and also claimed to have a bomb, according to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Madsen was jailed for life for Kim Wall’s murder. She boarded his homemade submarine for an interview in 2017.

Her mutilated body was discovered on a beach by a passer-by 11 days later.

A video, taken by a photographer from the Ekstrabladet website, showed the convicted killer sitting against a fence with a belt around his waist.

Danish media said he had told police at Herstedvester jail, to the west of Copenhagen, that he was carrying a bomb.

Police eventually captured Madsen and said they had driven him away from the scene.

Who was Kim Wall

Madsen’s claim that the journalist’s death on board his submarine in 2017 was an accident was rejected at his trial. He later admitted to a journalist that he was to blame.

Kim Wall was a freelance journalist who reported around the world, from North Korea to Uganda, for a variety of quality publications.

When she climbed on Madsen’s 40-tonne submarine, it was supposed to be a final Danish story before moving to the Chinese capital Beijing with her Danish partner.

West Copenhagen police initially said little about what had happened at the jail in Albertslund, only that a man had been arrested while trying to escape.

But it was clear from the image of a man sitting propped up against a fence in a residential street that it was Madsen.

Bomb disposal experts were sent to the scene and it was some time after Madsen had been surrounded that he was taken into custody.

Madsen was given a life sentence for murder, which normally would mean up to 17 years in jail, according to Danish public TV.