Who is Princess Loko? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Death

Who is Princess Loko? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Cause of Death, Career, Instagram

Princess Loko Wiki – Biography

Princess Loko, also recognized as Andrea Summers, the pioneering rapper from Memphis. Summers was a resident of the Blackhaven area of Memphis, Tennessee. Loko is famously recognized for her collaborations with fellow Memphis fable Tommy Wright III and the Manson Family as the 1990s.

Princess Loko Age

Princess Loko has expired at the age of 40. Summers was born in the Blackhaven area of Memphis, Tennessee.

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That profile states that Summers’ presentation album, Long Overdue, was published in January 2012. A bio from that moment says that Summers “parted ways” with Wright’s trademark, Street Smart, in 2003. Summers approved for Hy Lyfe Inc.

One survey of Loko’s track, “Loko-4-Real,” stated in the division:
Loko effortlessly shifts in choral chanting and clever verse science, the examples pack happiness speaking to the stadium-sized time that breaks under her.
She doesn’t yet actually start ‘rapping’ in the non-repetitive knowledge continuously adjacent to the next time and support when I tell you won’t also notice.
In May 2014, fashion artist Isabel SK published a collection based on Tennessee hip-hop song. Isabel SK said Vice that portion of that collection was a dress with hand-painted Summers and Tommy Wright III lyrics. Isabel SK related:
The hand printing on the dress that says ’45 in my panty line,’ we met for hours drawing it. I remembered I needed to make a schoolgirl dress because I like that aspect.
Isabel SK use a lot myself and run to Goodwill and cut them off. I was attending to the Princess Loko and Tommy Wright III song wherever she works ‘Blow continuously your minds with this 45 in my panty line,’ and I assumed that’s the most difficult line for any woman to say.
It’s so badass. And I needed to install it on a dress. Then I have the jeans that say ‘On da creep’ on the top which is a reference to Tommy Wright III who always told he was on the creep at night.

Princess Loko & Tommy Wright III

Summers and Wright built up over the street from each other in Blackhaven. An online profile states that Wright would creep over to Summers’ house with cutting tools to put down songs in her room. Summers was one of two ladies in the Memphis rap organization, Ten Required Men. The other was La Chat, aka Chastity Daniels.
Summers “break with Tommy in the late 90s.” Notwithstanding the separation from Wright, the couple worked collectively in December 2016.

Cause of Death

Loko has died at the age of 40. Summers’ reason for death has not declared public.
Summers’ relative was with the bodies of Princess Loko’s followers who gave tribute to the artist on Facebook. One Twitter tribute to Summers stated, “Rest In Peace Princess Loko!! One of the most useful out of Memphis and one of the greatest female rappers. Discouraged by this one.” Another Twitter tribute held, “Princess Loko was a god damn fireworks. That lady could f***ing hit her fool off like nobody’s business. It was unbelievable understanding her.”