Who is Raphael Rosado? Wiki, Biography, Age, Bronx Man, Shoots at NY Cops after Son is Killed in Shootout, Arrested

Raphael Rosado
Raphael Rosado

Raphael Rosado Biography – Wiki

Raphael Rosado is a Bronx man, was arrested after he and his son were involved in a shooting with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) on August 29. Raphael reportedly picked up the gun from his son Michael and began shooting at the police, after Michael was wounded in the shootout with the police. Subsequently, Raphael was arrested on charges pending at the time of the report.

Little is known about the father and son, who appear to have extensive criminal records. Raphael has reportedly been arrested more than 60 times in the past for various reasons, including possession of drugs, assault, and possession of weapons. His son, Michael, 24, also has a criminal record, having been arrested for aggravated driving without a license and other misdemeanors. No further information could be obtained on the due. They don’t seem to have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Raphael Rosado is 45-years-old.

Shoots at NY Cops after Son is Killed in Shootout

The shocking and violent scene near the intersection of Valentine Avenue is just the latest example of the problem of gun violence in New York, which has already claimed several lives and injured many others. In May, a Times Square shooting injured 3, including a 4-year-old girl. In another Times Square shooting in June, a newly married Marine was wounded by a stray bullet. On August 19, a close friend of Ice-T, Joseph Bryan, was shot and killed on Long Island.

The incidents are just a small example of many that have rocked the city, with 165 shooting incidents recorded in June 2021 alone (compared to 205 in June 2020). The staggeringly high numbers have been attributed to a number of factors and have become a key issue for voters ahead of the city’s mayoral elections this year. In the latest incident, Raphael and Michael were reportedly involved in a violent argument with a group of people, which soon led to an intervention by two off-duty officers, before turning lethal.

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We have extensive information on the incident that led to Michael’s death and Raphael’s arrest. According to the NY Daily News, the couple got into an argument with a group of people around 4 a.m. one block from the 46th district of the New York Police Department. It’s unclear what they were arguing about, but it quickly went physical with CCTV footage showing Michael running towards his car and returning with a gun.


Michael was seen shooting multiple times by two off-duty police officers. The brave policemen identified themselves and told Michael to drop the gun, but he did not obey. Michael reportedly began shooting at the police, who responded to the fire. One of the bullets hit Michael in the chest. The shooting drew the attention of other officers, who quickly invaded the area. Raphael took the gun from his son and started shooting at the police before fleeing. Minutes later, he returned to the scene, without the weapon to tend to his dying son, but was immediately arrested.

Police tried to give Michael first aid before he was taken to St Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The two off-duty police officers were not injured in the fight but were reportedly taken to Jacobi Medical Center for ringing in the ears. The group arguing with the Rosados ​​is still at large, as is a woman to whom Rapahel passed the gun before he was arrested. According to one of Raphael’s friends, he has a history of getting into trouble, but he was never known to be violent. “He wouldn’t say he was a bad (man), but he got into a lot of trouble. He sounds like a father protecting his son … It’s sad, but it happened,” an unidentified person told the Daily News.