Who Is Raymond Deskins? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Accused, Charged, Arrested, COVID-19, Trump Supporter, Investigation, Instagram, Net Worth

Raymond Deskins Wiki – Biography

Raymond Deskins, A Virginia man is facing a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly breathing — forcefully, purposefully and without a mask — on two women who were protesting outside of one of President Donald Trump’s golf clubs, PEOPLE confirms.

Raymond Deskins Age

Raymond Deskins is 61-years-old.

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Charged & Arrested

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said the charges were filed after one of the alleged victims obtained a citizens warrant.

After investigating the allegations, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office arrested 61-year-old Raymond Deskins on a charge of simple assault.

Incident Detail

The incident allegedly happened in Sterling, outside the Trump National Golf Club.

Deskins was issued a court summons. PEOPLE’s was unable to reach him Monday for comment.

Video of the alleged incident from Sunday has been circulated widely online.

In the footage, Deskins is seen confronting the two protestors, with an inflatable inner tube bearing Trump’s face hugging his waist.

An argument between the two seemingly escalates, as the maskless man ignores social distancing protocols, prompting one of the women to ask him to step back.

In the video, Deskins, donning a Trump T-shirt, appears to take in a deep breath before exhaling forcefully towards one of the women — moments after she noted he wasn’t wearing a mask.

The woman says Deskins’ actions amounted to assault. Then Deskins replies, “I breathed on you.”

He then exhales forcefully a second time — this time, at the other woman.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said the charges were filed after one of the women obtained a citizens warrant.

Kathy Beynette spoke to News4 in Washington, D.C., and said she was one of the women on whom Deskins breathed.

She was there with another woman, protesting the president. Across the street, a group of Trump supporters were counter-protesting, she said.

“Then, quite out of nowhere, the guy came over from across the street, came charging across the street,” Beynette said.

Now, she’s worried Deskins may have put her and the other woman at risk for COVID-19.

“We’re both senior citizens, both close to 70 years old, which puts us in a high-risk category,” she said. “Because of this guy, my family has had to cancel the small Thanksgiving that we had planned with just a few people because I said I might’ve been exposed.”

It was unclear if Deskins has retained a lawyer who could comment on the allegations.