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Rickie Lee Reynolds
Rickie Lee Reynolds

Rickie Lee Reynolds Biography – Wiki

Rickie Lee Reynolds, a famous guitarist and founding member of Black Oak Arkansas, has passed away.
The Black Oak Arkansas band was founded by Rickie Lee Reynolds and vocalist Ronnie Smith, along with guitarists Harvey Jett, Stanley Knight, drummer Wayne Evans, and bassist Pat Daugherty. In the 1970s, they distributed such hits as ‘Uncle Lijiah’, ‘Lord Have Mercy on My Soul’, ‘When Electricity Came to Arkansas’, and others. They also had their fair share of controversy as the last song was rejected by fundamental Christians who thought it contained hidden Satanic messages. Singer and founding member Ronnie Smith was later replaced by James Mangrum, who became their long-term leader.

Initially playing as The Knowbody Else, Reynolds’ band changed his name to Black Oak Arkansas later to honor his hometown when he and his bandmates moved to California. “We didn’t name the band just after the people of the city. We named the city after the band. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there is a certain point in life where you are at the inflection point of what they were to what you are. The city of Black Oak was a turning point for us. Like it or not, that was the lynchpin of our story, “Reynolds shared in a 2018 interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

He also once shared about his fighting days with the band. “When we wanted to start enjoying life, they left us high. We all lost our houses, cars, publications and almost lost our band name. Bad investments were blamed. All I know is that some of us had to pawn. our Golden Albums to feed our families. “He recalled. Although he had left the band once, many former members returned and later regrouped to carry on their legacy. The band remained active until Reynolds’ death and now it’s future. remains uncertain.


Rickie Lee Reynolds has died at the age of 72-years-old.

Cause of Death

Rickie Lee Reynolds, a famous guitarist and founding member of Black Oak Arkansas, passed away at the age of 72. He passed away in a hospital on the morning of Sunday, September 5, 2021. The news of his tragic death was confirmed by the son of the late musician. . Also, he added that he hopes everyone will keep Reynolds’ musical memories close to their hearts. Mourning his death, Twitter user Josh Decker shared a poignant message: “I am devastated. Rickie Lee Reynolds of Black Oak Arkansas has passed away. To say that this man changed the world and made it better for those around him is a heinous understatement. Rickie, this Nebraska boy will never forget their friendship. Thanks for everything. ”

I am gutted. Rickie Lee Reynolds of Black Oak Arkansas passed away. To say that this man changed the world and made it better for those around him is a heinous understatement. Rickie, this boy from Nebraska will never forget your friendship. Thanks for everything.

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According to Reynolds’ son, the guitarist suffered from prolonged health complications from COVID-19 and eventually succumbed to them. A day earlier, his daughter Amber Lee posted a heartbreaking update on Facebook about her COVID-19 diagnosis. She wrote –

“My whole heart goes out to my father Rickie Lee Reynolds right now. For those who don’t know, he has been hospitalized for a while, with Covid. Soon after, doctors discovered that he was suffering from kidney failure. Today they had started dialysis, but his blood pressure had dropped too low to hold it long. He went into cardiac arrest this morning, in which he was performed CPR and was electrocuted twice to regain his heartbeat. At this time, he is severely sedated and unconscious. No There has been a viable verbal or physical response from him today rather than a response from fighting the tubes in his lungs. The nurses say they are also not sure if a cardiac arrest could have caused any damage to the brain, but they cannot lead to it. the MRI until his condition stabilizes even more. This is all I know at this point, but I think that telling everyone could generate some positive energy that he needs. desperately right now. For anyone who knows and cares about this amazing man, please be with me to send him all of our best energy. May he overcome all these damages and live to spend many more days with all of us. ”


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