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Salma El-Shimy
Salma El-Shimy

Salma El-Shimy Wiki – Biography

Salma El-Shimy is the model in question is also a real life model too, according to her social media. Egyptian model Salma El-Shimy was arrested on Monday over a photo session in Saqqara, a prominent archaeological site in the city of Giza. El-Shimy, 26, posed for a collection of photos in a dress modeled on ancient Egyptian clothing. The outfit was deemed “inappropriate” by officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The Instagram influencer has around 100,000 on her account with the handle salma.elshimy.official. However, she had 300,000 on her previous account which she says was hacked.

Salma al-Shimi is popular on TikTok too with two separate accounts. @salmaelshimyofficialtiktok has around 94,000 followers while @salmaelsimy0 has 80,000. According to her TikTok bio, she has “grown to ignore the crabby comments and bad attitudes,” which is proven through her regular ‘clap-back’ responses to hate comments.

On Instagram and TikTok, videos and pictures from her Egyptian pyramid photoshoots are still uploaded.

Salma El-Shimy Age

Salma El-Shimy is 26-years-old.

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Charged & Arrested

The Pyramid is a Unesco World Heritage site was an active burial ground for more than 3000 years and so there are strict regulations which ban photography which is deemed as indecent or disrespectful.

In fact, any photography there is banned in most cases, and research and planning is required for anyone hoping to take pictures.

The Tourism Police at the Ministry of Interior reportedly quizzed six employees to work out who helped or allowed the shoot to happen.

According to local news outlet Akhbar el-Youm, Salma al-Shimi appeared before a prosecutor and argued that she was unaware that photography without a permit was forbidden and that her intent was to promote tourism to Egypt rather than offend.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, referred the incident to public prosecutors for investigation, the ministry confirmed in a statement. It quoted Waziri as warning that, “anyone who shows negligence when it comes to antiquities or our unique Egyptian civilization will be punished.”

Two of the ministry’s employees and four security personnel who work at the location were also referred to prosecutors for administrative investigation, Sabry Farag, director of the Saqqara antiquities site, told CBS News. Farag denied reports that those six individuals were also arrested.

Anyone who wants to carry out a photo or video shoot for commercial purposes at one of Egypt’s archaeological sites must obtain a permit from the ministry.

El-Shimy’s photographer, 22-year-old Hossam Muhammed, told a local newspaper that he and his subject reached an “agreement” with staff at the site to shoot photos around the Pyramid of Djoser for about 15 minutes. The pyramid dates to the 27th century BC.

Muhammed was also arrested later Monday evening.